Wednesday, June 6, 2007

A Cool Story

As those of you, who know me, are aware; I am not the biggest fan of organized religion. I do however read The Koran, The Bible, The Gita, and other various books of faith. Unlike most, I just see them as books. Occasionally, while reading a book, I'll run across a cool story. I'd like to share this one,

"There were ten lepers healed, and only one turned back to give thanks, but it is to be noticed that our Lord did not recall his gift from the other nine because of their lack of gratitude. When we begin to lessen our acts of kindness and helpfulness because we think those who receive do not properly appreciate what is done for them, it is time to question our motives."

What do you think? I think, it is real talk. That's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the insight...It was right on time. Jennifer

ladytruth said...

One of my favorite stories. Did you know that God didn't pull back any of the 9 lepers gifts because of "forgiveness" and "love"?

Our hearts can be very deceitful, that's why its important to ask God to keep our motives pure.

I believe if we could just ask for pure motives, we as a people would be in a much better place.

Another good topic. Keep it coming!

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