Monday, August 31, 2009


Call it dickridin, jockin, or whatever; I'm a huge Jay-Z fan. I thought this commercial promoting his new CD was very creative, so I had to give him props. I'm assuming that only his true fans will get what is going on in it. Personally, i think this will be his best CD; but that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

Friday, August 28, 2009

What To Do?

Thanks to the good people at Blogger, I just got an e-mail that informed me, my Ex of 6 years is blogging again on the blog I set up for her. I couldn't resist, so I clicked the link. In the post, she describes how happy she is in her new marriage. I should've stopped reading right there, but I didn't. The part that messed me up is where she described her new husband. She described him, in the post, the same way she described me in a letter she wrote to me. Half of the reason I fell for her was those amazing letters that she wrote me. I know it's weird that I still have those letters, but I got rid of them today. It was straight cut and paste. She talked about my smile, how sexy she thought I was, how she loved how I stand and walk, and how she loved the width and arch of my back. When she wrote it to me, I was swept off my feet. It was a little tough to hear her saying the same things VERBATIM about the guy that she kicked me out for. Felt like another kick to the stomach. Check it out. The site is:
My question is this, should I say anything or let sleeping dogs lie? She doesn't call and downtalk me anymore. She doesn't text me about Brett Michaels and David Blaine anymore. She sounds pretty happy. But, there is the side of me that wants to put her on blast and post some ignorant shit on her site. I know it wont bring her back to me and that isn't even what I want; but I haven't progressed enough as a human being to where I don't want to hurt someone who has hurt me that bad. I'm confused, hurt, and ready to hurt someone else. Let me know what you think. When you answer, if you answer, post what you think I SHOULD do and what YOU WOULD do. Sometimes those are two different things. But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Passion Installation

Where has all the passion gone? Especially with the young people. This question popped into my mind after I watched a film called Cadillac Records. The film wasn't about young people or really about passion; but one scene stuck in my mind. One of the film's main characters, Muddy Waters, was shown recording a record out of the back of a truck. Once the record was done, the man played it for Muddy and he said it was like hearing himself for the first time. He was so taken by this record, that he packed up his guitar and walked from down south to Chicago. I have a tough time getting youngsters nowadays to sit in advisory period for 15 minutes, much less walk somewhere. I think that the world needs more drive and determination like that. Imagine how much could get done with that type of sacrifice and focus. It really hits home when I ask young people what they wanna do with their life and I get hit with the two answers that make my stomach hurt. 1.) Sleep. Or my other favorite 2.) Start A Business. I'm not sure what it is, but something needs cultivated in our young people so they can stop being so surface, and begin to dream imagine and strive again. Money shouldn't be a motivator for a kid either. I'd love to see some moved be respect, praise, applause, fame, or just plain fun. I'm not sure that the young folks that I run into have any want or desire to change the world or even their immediate settings. They wanna learn how to live in it. They are a nation of survivors instead of a group dreamers. Young people need passion, possibilities, and a push. Hope is never wasted on the young or youthful. It is our job to lift burdens from young folk and start installing some passion. Cultivate any and every option that a kid expresses interest in; as long as it is off the beat and path. Don't discourage a kid that tells you I wanna be in the NBA, or NFL, or I wanna join the service; but be sure to get 100% behind a child or young person that wants to be a Display Person, A Chef, A Carpenter, A Film Maker, A Decorator, A Engineer, or A Florist. Encourage creativity and free thought, and this complexion and mood of society will change unrecognizably. But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Who knew?

I can't front. These guys can really dance, but imagine if you were dancing with someone and they just busted out and started dancing like this. If you're not going into dance professionally, where does know how to dance this well and this way, ever become a useful skill. I'm not hatin'. I'm just sayin. But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

Sacrifice or Consequence

Today, I spoke with a woman who had a husband who was a sex offender. He was caught and convicted of three counts of sexual misconducts with three different 10 year old boys. I am working on my judgement of others. I don't believe anyone should judge anyone, but during our conversation she told me about how she had to change jobs and her profession has suffered immensely. She also told me the different things that people had done to her home and the different types of threatening phone calls she was getting. I understood and sympathized with her on these issues. The problem I had was when she referred to these things as sacrifices. Being the counselor I am; I let her talk, vent, and feel better. But I don't agree that those things were sacrifices. I believe they were consequences for her husbands actions. A sacrifice is a noble acknowledgement of adversity for the purpose of learning and self-improvement. I don't think the things that she is going through are correct or even deserved, but I don't think her enduring those things are the stuff of sacrifice. I admire her, though. She could easily walk away from him and let him handle his consequences alone; but once she married him, she agreed that his struggles were now hers. She agreed that they were partners who would handle whatever came their way together. A real ride or die chick. I don't believe she should expect sympathy, though. She is making a choice. She should walk strongly into this adversity, which makes it different than a sacrifice. She signed up for this when she took those vows. She solidified it when she chose to stay with him instead of leaving him after he committed his crime. In my opinion, sacrifice is a noble and beautiful thing. True sacrifice comes without whining. Consequences are often run from, and if they are ever complained about; it makes you see the person complaining in a far worse silhouette. But that's just my opinion though; and who the hell am I?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Blog

A buddy of mine named Cory aka Co-Jack, aka Co-Jaculation, aka 2nd Hand Horse Penis, has started his own blog. He is a VERY opinionated, and passionate individual. I have been urging him to start blogging forever. He finally did it. If you get a chance, check it out and please drop him a comment or two. He sometimes needs to get his views run across by some others. It's called That's Universal the address is
He's pretty far out there. Also, don't hold back. Let him know if you think he's full of crap or right on point. Most of the time, he's full of crap though; but that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?
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