Monday, January 25, 2010


OK.... Where do I begin? Maybe, i shouldn't be so hasty when I see a trailer that moves me. Maybe, I shouldn't be captivated be what I feel is genuine acting. Maybe, I shouldn't be so quick to get behind a story that I feel needs to be told. I posted the preview to this movie and I said, "YOU MUST SEE THIS MOVIE". I am not a fan of this movie. I think it is too dark, too sad, and offers no hope to the audience. You leave the theater feeling pity. I was tricked into believing that this movie was inspirational, but it doesn't inspire. It doesn't move you towards appreciation, it scares the shit out of you and drops kicks you into the general direction of appreciating your life. There is nothing that motivates me about this story. Maybe I have a skewed sense of a inspirational story. However, I still would recommend that everyone should watch this movie. I'd just like to see if anyone else feels the same way. I dig the movie, but if it isn't going to entertain, it should've just been a documentary. I'm not saying every movie should have a happy ending, but to me, the purpose of a movie is to entertain, educate, or inspire. This movie does none of the above. I'm not disrespecting the film, the actors, or the people it was made about. I just don't know what there intentions were with making the film. I know what you're thinking, I'm just hating because Tyler Perry was involved. This isn't the case. You know what makes my argument even worse? I didn't watch the entire film. Once the film got to a point where I KNEW, I repeat, KNEW Precious's life couldn't get better; I turned it off. I would tell you the part I'm talking about, but there maybe people who didn't see it. I'm not saying that gaining peace of mind wouldn't lead to a life getting better, but you can't be inspired by the acceptance of mediocrity or complacency. It reminds me of the Catholic church convincing slaves that if they put up with life here, they have a better one waiting for them in paradise. This post probably should've waited until I saw the entire movie and it will probably piss off a lot of folks, but I hope it makes you watch it and discuss what you see. But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sweet Sweet Redemption

The man in this picture is an adamant Dallas Cowboys hater. He has spent the majority of his life bashing and denouncing America's Team. Now due to a lost bet, this man had to wear a Dallas Cowboys Jason Witten jersey. This is more poetic because he devotes a good bit of his time to bashing Jason Witten as "The Softest Tight End in the League". I LOVE THIS!!!! I will never let this picture die. It warms my heart. I love it even more because, he wore it this season: The season where the Pittsburgh Steelers(his favorite squad) lost to the Browns, Chiefs, & Raiders. The season where the Pittsburgh Steelers didn't make the playoffs. The season where the Dallas Cowboys won a playoff game after 13 years. This is beautiful. I bet he didn't even think this picture would circulate. This guy has stolen my Cowboys flag and my Cowboys sign. Now he is rockin a Cowboys jersey! Even if he only wore this for 3 minutes it was completely and entirely worth it to me. But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

15 Minutes of.....

I was thinking about the idea of "15 minutes of fame". Why is the 15 minutes of fame the only 15 minutes that are defined in our life? If the average person lives to the age of 75, we have 2, 628,000 intervals of 15 minutes in our lives. Why do the 15 minutes that deal with fame get to shine and the others do not. I've decided to define the other 2,627,999 intervals of 15 minutes in our lives. I'm sure that it can be done. The problem is that they have to be universal and able to apply to every person. I'm gonna work on this so be expecting a series of posts. I have every intention of making it to 2,628.000. But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Abstinence Is The Way Kids

This is the best student generated Pro-abstinence video I've ever seen. Most are made by groups of students or a school/church club. This was made by one girl. The best part is that I know this young lady very well. I remember her when she was just 4 years old. She's immensely creative and incredibly artistic. Just like her mama. I know she's proud. I'm proud myself. But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

My 2010 Resolutions

I know everyone does this, but I'm gonna honestly try my best to keep these ones. I thought long and hard about them. Here they are. Tell me what you think.

Resolution #1: Drink more water- With my recent kidney issues, this one seems like a good idea.

Resolution #2: Get better at answering my texts, phone calls, and e-mails- This is the number one complaint of all my friends and family. I'm honestly gonna work on this one.

Resolution #3: Spend more time with people I care about- This one is pretty self explanatory but there isn't a better way to show people you care about them.

Resolution #4: Call or text my mom at least once a day- No one has my back like she does. No one.

Resolution #5: Forgive and forget Mr. & Mrs. Brown- Nothing good can come from holding grudges and keeping resentments.

Resolution #6: Close the book on Ronald Scott Sr- Sometimes hope can prevent you from growing. Not often, but sometimes.

Resolution #7: Appreciate my baby mama a little more- She takes good care of my daughter.

Resolution #8: Retire my threesome fantasy- I don't wanna talk about it.

Resolution #9: Hate the Pittsburgh Steelers more- It couldn't hurt.

Resolution #10: Only sleep with a woman that I could imagine being the mother of my child. (unless there is a revision to #8)- This forces you to get to know women you sleep with better and forces you to be lead by smarter head.

Resolution #11: Start cutting out coupons from the Sunday paper- Times is tough!

Resolution #12: Become more of a force in my community, without organizations like NAACP, YSS, YWCA, or WPHS. Just me. One concerned man- This forces me to become more of the solution than the problem.

Resolution #13: Start playing my hand drums again- Creativity and art are good for the soul.

Resolution #14: Stop using the words SHOULD, COULD, WOULD, & DESERVE- I gotta put myself on a more positive road. Our speech is very important.

Resolution #15: Get back into Yoga- It's too good for he mind, body, and soul to stop.

I'm gonna try and really hold on to these for an entire 365. If any of you see me slippin or slackin, feel free to check me. It couldn't hurt. It can only help. But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?
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