Saturday, March 31, 2007

Perpetuation is the Most Sincere Form of Hipocracy

On Sept. 21st, 2003, my cousin was murdered. It devastated our family. As would most, our family came together to comfort each other reminisce and celebrate my cousins memory. During this time, myself and some of my younger cousins engaged in a conversation about revenge. We talked about how, if we found out who was responsible for his death; it would be a given that this person would meet the same demise. No one batted an eye at the prospect of killing whoever was responsible. Then my aunt, his mother, came in the room. She was carrying the suit that he was to be buried in. The pain, suffering, and anguish was so intense with her that I could feel it. It was a real, tangible experience. Some of us decided right then and there that we would NEVER want ANYONE ELSE ON EARTH to feel that way. Vengeance was no longer an option. My goal then became rebuilding our family & making my cousin's memory a celebration instead of a source of pain. I took that thought and broadened it to the general population's opinion on the death penalty. I decided then, I was no longer in favor of it. It took the death of someone I loved to learn that, "if it's wrong to kill, then it is wrong to kill." When I think about it now, I'm almost ashamed of my past views. I had the mind state that if someone wronged me bad enough then they suddenly aren't the same kind of person as me. I acted as if that person's family wouldn't be destroyed without them. I also realized that by perpetuating the behavior, attitude, or action I despise, I am encouraging it. It would be like someone raping a loved one of mine, and then me raping a loved one of theirs; while trying to convince others that I think rape is wrong and a horrible thing. If you get a chance, ask yourself, "Do I perpetuate the behavior, beliefs, and attitudes that I say I don't condone?" It's a tough question. But that's just my opinion, though and who the hell am I

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Of All Time....

Why is it that Big Daddy Kane just recently began being included in the discussion of who's the greatest MC's of all time? How long will it take before Ice Cube is included in the discussion? Can Biggie really be included since he only dropped two albums? Is Andre 3000 eligible for discussion since he has never dropped a solo album? When will Scarface be up for nomination? Is Eminem left out only because he's white? Calling all Rap/Hip-Hop heads!!! These are good questions that need thorough answers. but that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

The Narrowing Vision Of The Rich

Why is it that when some individuals accumulate a large amount of wealth their vision begins to be worldly instead of the immediate vicinity. This was brought to my attention after I noticed the recent actions of Russel Simmons & Oprah Winfrey. I was watching BET and a HIV spot came across the screen and it was Russel Simmons talking about how AIDS is devastating Africa and we need to focus our time, money, and efforts on remedying this problem. I think AIDS & HIV is a large problem, but I can almost guarantee the epidemic has touched the community that he has grown up in. My problem is that ,if I were him, before I focused on the AIDS epidemic in Africa, I'm would make sure it is remedied in my own community. Why don't some of these wealthy individuals start with the community that they were born and/or raised in? I include Oprah because she has just built a school in Africa worth millions. I can bet that the school system that she grew up in isn't the greatest in the country. So why reach your gracious arm around the globe, when the community that birthed you could use a helping hand. I don't get it. I figured that the equation for positive change went like this: Self- Home-Block- Neighborhood- City- State- Country- World. Haven't these people heard the expression, "Before you go cleaning up someone else's house, Check your own backyard". Far be it from me to tell people what to do with their money. I just think it is an odd practice. For all I know they might be doing tons of work in their old communities, and it never gets publicized. That's just my opinion though and who the hell am I?

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Schedule 1 words

I am beginning a campaign similar to the FDA's. I am going to begin designating certain words as Schedule 1 words. A Schedule 1 word is a word that has no positive or medicinal purposes; and should be banned. The first of my Schedule 1 words is MORE. I'm not sure of a situation where the word MORE didn't have an implication of greed, or excess. I don't know if this is just the addictions counselor coming out in me, but I think that this word does more harm than good. (even that sentence was negative.) I think the designation of the word MORE as a Schedule 1 word, will help us to learn how to be happy with what we have and appreciate all accomplishments no matter how small those accomplishments may be. I don't want to discourage ambition, drive, or determination; but MORE doesn't have a completion point or a finish line. It's a bottomless pit. If you said that you weren't satisfied, then at least you would know that the goal was satisfaction. You can always ask for MORE; and some people always will. Maybe it's just semantics. Who knows. That's just my opinion though and who the hell am I?

America's Team

I am a football fan. More specifically, I'm a Dallas Cowboy's fan. I have been there through the 1-15 season's and enjoyed the Dynasty years. I've also learned that we have our share or Haters also. I began wondering, "What would it take to say that my/our team, The Dallas Cowboys, is the greatest team in football history?" I developed a simple formula.: 1.) Number of Championships won. 2.) Number of players inducted in the Hall Of Fame 3.) Number of Playoff appearances. and lastly, 4.) Number of winning regular season records.

If someone has a suggestion for a better formula, my ears are opened; but using this formula, I am sure that the Dallas Cowboys: America's Team, will be proven to be the greatest team in football history But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

Three Part Assignment

Part 1.) Find out the definition of Latitudinarian.

Part 2.) Find out if you are one.

Part 3.) If not, become one. If so, treat yourself to some ice cream

The Death of Creativity in Hip-Hop

I love rap music! I've been a fan of Hip-Hop since I first heard "The Message" from Grandmaster Melle Mel & The Furious Five. Not to sound corny but, it really spoke to me. I can remember a time in the mid-80's were all the rap acts were trying to be the most original. Be it, De La Soul's style, Three Times Dope's swagger, or Das Efx's delivery; everyone wanted to standout and be their own MC. Nowadays things just ain't the same. Rap music is so formulated that I honestly think that ANYONE can make a rap single that would top the charts. Here is the recipe: Talk about your watch, Talk about your chain, Be sure to mention your rim size (anything above 22 is acceptable), Make sure you detail, "what you'll do to a nigga" (the more violent the better), Sprinkle in several drug references after that, ie. "a brick of the raw", "cooking cola", "selling birds", or "copping keys". Is anyone else sick and tired of the same old tired raps. I was told that in his debut CD Paul Wall mentioned Rims, Ice, Chain, Watch, and Wood grain; 659 times. Even worse, he went platinum. I miss creativity, witty lines, and punchlines that make you jump to your feet and scream "Ooooooooooooooooooh!!!". Those were the good old days were an MC was something born of talent, creativity, and vision; instead of something that a corporation or a trend could create. But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?


Perception is the single most important human ability. Perception is how we decide what is right, wrong, evil, good, bad, & ugly. I was amazed to find out that the human body reacts to a perceived threat or danger, the same way it reacts to an actual threat or danger. Fortunately, most of the problem in our lives can be avoided or diffused by a simple change in Perception. Unfortunately, Perception is the last thing that people are wiling to change. We let our Perceptions define who we are, instead of letting who we are define our Perception. I think there are three things to remember about Perceptions: 1.) Perceptions should be like Lego blocks- able to be broken down and rebuilt to form anything we want; 2.) Perception doesn't equal fact. 3.) Our Perception of others is critical to our interaction with others. That's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?
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