Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Wanna Hear Something Crazy????

I had to post this so I could get responses. After bringing up the Michael Vick sentencing, a self-described "forward thinking, open-minded, understanding" person said the following statement, "Michael Vick got sentenced to 23 months in prison, because Black men sleep with White women." This person was dead serious! Could any or all of you please respond to this statement? If you agree, please state why. If you disagree, do the same. I was blown away by how ridiculous this statement was. But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

Vick-tim of Circumstances

I am really annoyed with the sentencing of Michael Vick. It may be the lack of understanding but I can't imagine taking away a man's life and livelihood because of the death or mistreatment of a dog. I'm sure there are tons of animal rights activists and PETA people who think the punishment is just, but I'm not one. I remember there was a Green Bay Packers tight end named Mark Chmura who was accused of having inappropriate sexual contact on April 8, 2000 at a Waukesha Catholic Memorial High School prom party with the then 17-year-old babysitter of his children. He was not as demonized as Michael Vick, who killed dogs. He actually hosts a weekly radio show on ESPN Radio. This isn't the only example: How about Atlanta Falcons defensive back Patrick Bates, who was charged with assaulting his pregnant girlfriend and, three weeks after the baby was born, kidnapping the child and beating the mother with a gun. Bates finally was let go by the Falcons, pleaded guilty to reduced charges and was signed by the Oakland Raiders. He was not as demonized as Michael Vick, who killed dogs. Even Falcons all-pro linebacker Cornelius Bennett was charged with rape, sodomy, sexual abuse and unlawful imprisonment. Bennett pleaded guilty to sexual misconduct and was sentenced to 60 days in jail. He was neither released by the Falcons nor fined by the NFL. He was not as demonized as Michael Vick, who killed dogs. Even the poster boy of NFL misconduct, Lawrence Phillips who repeatedly was arrested for assault and motor-vehicle violations. Rams assistant coach Johnny Roland minimized Phillips' conduct this way: "Everyone deserves a second chance -- sometimes a third or fourth chance. He didn't kill anyone." Neither did Michael Vick. He just killed dogs. I wonder why hunters aren't looked at with this much disgust. Does PETA protest outside the homes of the NFL players who hunt during Hunting Season? For some reason the hypocrisy surrounding the sentencing infuriates me. It makes me want to kill a dog for every day he is in prison. It even seems ridiculous to type that a man is going to prison for killing a dog, when I have a cousin, a human being, who was murdered and there was no federal investigation or even an arrest. I bet Tupac & Biggie's killers are breathing a sigh of relief, saying "at least we didn't kill no dogs!" But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Rappers & Atheletes

I was posed an interesting question today and I didn't really have a good answer. I case some of you didn't know there is a popular myth/assumption/discrepancy/rumor/lie that successful black men always go for white women. With that being said; here is the question: "Why do Black athletes seem to date white women, but Rappers never do?" Do you know? I don't. It's a pretty good question to kick around. But that's just my opinion though, And who the hell am I?

Better or Good

I realized that one person's image of you and another person's can be completely different. I realize that due to some of the circumstances that have surrounded my upbringing, and some of the choices that I've made during mu adolescence have put me in a position where those who "knew me when" would say that I am a "better person". In the course of changing my habits, rectifying past wrongs, making amends and redefining myself; I've surrounded myself with a host of people who believe I'm a "good person". Today I heard both comments said about me and I asked myself which is the more positive/productive statement. He is a "better person" or He is a "good person"? A "better person" has more leeway. You are more willing to accept mistakes or missteps. But you are also more likely to get placated and condescended to. A "good person" is a difficult line to walk. It reeks of perfection and gets lumped in naivety. A "good person" also gets the reputation that they haven't lived enough of life to where it had the opportunity to "put it's foot in their butt". A "better person" is usually not financially stable and/or struggling. A "good person" is usually well off and/or content. I'm not 100% convinced on who I am or who I want to be. That's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

Monday, November 26, 2007

Uplifting or Accusatory

This was e-mailed to me by someone who I respect in the community. It was supposedly sent by her 70 year old uncle from Tuckerman, Arkansas. Let me know what you think.

BLACK BOYS IN AMERICA ARE FACING AN UPHILL BATTLE WHEN IT COMES TO SUCCESS. Traditional institutions and age-old strategies are being stretched in order to find solutions to stop this accelerating trend of hopelessness and despair. Why have we found ourselves in this place? What got us here? With 70 percent of Black children being born into single-parent households, many of us would suggest that the lack of a stable family structure has a great bearing on where we are today.
Everyone that I knew as a child had a strong home environment. While our fathers weren't perfect, they did provide us with the necessities of life - food, clothing, shelter and, most importantly, guidance. Just as important was the fact that there were grandfathers, uncles and cousins who served as father figures. So all of these Black men were always around, telling us that we could be something in life. Our entire neighborhood took an interest in our development. I both admired and feared the men in my neighborhood. We all knew that if we stepped out of line, our elders would be there to kick us back into place. There was an unwritten rule in Black neighborhoods that the men there would take care of us and make sure that we were okay. This was just the way it was.
What we have now isn't the way it has to be. As we skip into the new millennium, the state and welfare of Black boys is in peril. While there are some pockets of excellence, there are too many valleys of despair. Black boys are trapped in a culture of hopelessness. Time-honored phrases like "yes sir" and "thank you" have been replaced by "wuz up?" and "whatever." Boyish looks and charm have been replaced by acting and looking too old too soon. High expectations have soured into low or no goals. The concept of "It takes a village to raise a child" has turned into "make it the best way that you can." Ask a young Black male today to identify the late rapper Tupac Shakur and Colin Powell, my guess is that only 10 percent would recognize the first Black Secretary of State.
There is something drastically wrong with this picture. While this is the social malaise that Black boys find themselves in, we cannot allow this to be the future. Teddy Pendergrass sang in one of his many hits, "Wake up everybody, no more sleeping in bed, no more backward thinking, time for thinking ahead."
Individuals and groups, both Black and White, must decide to be an elixir for this problem. Any person can mentor a child. It takes only a willingness to serve. Teachers, counselors, coaches and administrators must take up the mantle of hope and design programs for Black boys as early as pre-school, so they can start school on the right leg. Mentoring groups must re-double their efforts to save Black boys from the social influences that place a higher value on designer-label over sized clothing than on schooling. Places of worship must re-direct their efforts toward strengthening Black boys and the family structure. Don't just adopt a family for Thanksgiving or Christmas, adopt the family for the entire year, tutoring the kids or exposing them to meaningful extra-curricular activities and helping the parents develop budgeting skills or job-interviewing skills - whatever they need to become self-sustaining. While partnering activities are on the rise, there ought to be more of them. Schools, cities, social service agencies and places of worship all have the ability to form alliances. Businesses also can play a major role by sponsoring programs and events. Our communities grow stronger when all of its parts are viable and valued.
Watching a generation of Black boys disappear before our eyes is not an option. Talking about the problem, while admirable, will not stop the decline. Turning our backs on it and pretending that it doesn't exist won't work either. Let's roll up our collective sleeves and do something that will help young Black boys have a bright future

I agree with the message but I can't help but feel as though this is a shot at masquerading a judgemental disconnect with young people, as a reach out to our youth. When I read it, it seemed like it was written at a distance. As if no effort was made to understand any of the people discussed. This seems like an argument for "Why I don't help these doggone young folks?". It skips the essential question of, "Why?" Why are there so many single parent homes? Why do more kids know Tupac than Colin Powell? and maybe, Just maybe; Single parent homes where both parents are involved isn't such a bad thing. Maybe It's Colin Powell's fault that the youth don't know him. Maybe the differences in lingo/slang is an age old gripe that old people have had with young people. I think an article like this can motivate people to take on the condescending missionary stance with black people or it can justify the reasons folks stay away. I'm not convinced that either outcome is a good one. But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Blessing or The Curse

I saw this story and I had to post it, so I could get your opinions. Here it is:

Sarah Carmen, 24, says the Permanent Sexual Arousal Syndrome that she suffers from can cause her to have orgasm at any time of day.
She explained: "Anything can set me off. Even the hairdryers cause funny pulsations through my body.
"As a skin care specialist I have to use tools which vibrate a lot of the time for micro-dermabrasion and they sometimes set me off.
"I find if I'm nervous I'm less likely to get over-excited. So sometimes I try to psyche myself up and worry to control my orgasms.
"Some of my regular customers know my problem. But with new clients it's hard to explain.
"I have been in the middle of a treatment and it's happened and I've had to carry on.
"I was doing a bikini wax and you have to really concentrate and keep your hands very still, and mine go a bit wobbly when I orgasm.
"I had to pretend I had cramp in my foot and just stood there wriggling around on the spot and stifling my moans until it was over."
Sarah's friends think she is the luckiest girl ever, although her family think her behaviour is sometimes slightly odd.
She said: "The best way to describe how I am when I am with my family and I have one of my 'moments' is that I behave like Sheila from Shameless.
"I just get a bid giddy and yelp out and try to control myself. I've never sat down and explained it to my mum and dad, it's just too weird.
"They just think I get a bit hyperactive round them.
"My friends think it's great. I have more orgasms in one day than most of them will probably have in a year.
"They say to me that they feel lucky if their boyfriend makes them have one orgasm-some days I have one every ten minutes."
It has proved to be a problem for Sarah in some relationships.
She said: "I dated one guy who was very selfish and he was that way in the bedroom too. He'd just lie back and expect me to please him.
"He just figured that because I could climax without him even having to touch me, he didn't need to do anything to please me.
"I just thought that was rude and inconsiderate. It didn't last very long with him."
She has also had embarrassing moments in public. Going to noisy bars and clubs is out of the question as the vibrations send her wild.
"We have to find nice quiet bars," she explained. "I have more orgasms if I have a drink as it relaxes me so I tend to drink very little now.
"It can be a bit embarrassing if I'm tipsy and guys who don't know me talk to me, because I find it harder to hide.
"The most embarrassing thing that has happened was when I answered a market research questionnaire and had an orgasm in front of the researcher.
"She knew what was happening and looked at me like I was a weirdo. I tried to explain that I couldn't help it, but I was blushing so much I had to walk away."
Sarah has even been to a Sex Addicts' Anonymous meeting in despair over her sex drive.
She said: "At first when the problem started I just wanted to have sex all the time, I thought I was a sex addict.
"But when I looked around the room and heard the stories other people told, about how desperate they were for sex, I realised I wasn't like them.
"With me, it was a means of releasing my orgasm, but now I know I don't have to have sex to do that."
Sarah has looked into the condition and believes it may have been triggered by her taking anti-depressants.
She said: "I've found studies that say that taking anti-depressants and then stopping has an effect on the sexual organs. That is the only thing that explains what happens to me.
"But I've heard of other girls who have the same problem and it just appears out of the blue. I've spoken to my doctor about it but she wasn't a great deal of help but that's mainly because there's very little known about it and no one yet knows how to cure it."

I guess there could be worse things to suffer from; but that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Chris Rock on Rap

Here is a quote from Chris Rock. I think this man is a comedic genius and a very intelligent black man.

“Music kind of sucks. Nobody’s into being a musician. Everybody’s getting their mogul on. You’ve been so infiltrated by this corporate mentality that all the time you’d spend getting great songs together, you’re busy doing nine other things that have nothing to do with art. You know how shitty Stevie Wonder’s songs would have been if he had to run a fuckin’ clothing company and a cologne line?… Rap sucks, for the most part. Not all rap, but as an art form it’s just not at its best moment. Sammy the Bull would have made a shitty album. And I don’t really have a desire to hear Warren Buffett’s album - or the new CD by Paul Allen. That’s what everybody’s aspiring to be.”

I think Chris was 100% on point, What do you think?

But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

The Gentleman Doth......

Have you ever protested anything? Have you ever participated in a march that wasn't a fundraiser? Have you ever been a part of a sit-in or a picket line? Don't you wish you had? If you are anything like me, those days when people took action against wrong doings seem like ancient history. I would love to recreate those days. Being in the midst of like-minded, motivated, passionate people would be amazing. There are so many things that I would like to protest, but I don't because I often feel like my late is full or that I wouldn't make a difference. I am now throwing down the gauntlet to all of those who read this blog. Find a cause! Find an Injustice! Find a wrong to right! Do something about it!!! Pick something that has really been getting under you skin and take a public, unflinching stand/stance against it. Whether it's "Why does organic foods cost more at the grocery store?" or "Why don't more stores carry black hair products?" or "Why doesn't Bush bring the troops home?" Plan to protest. Boycott, Sit-In, or Picket. The choice is yours. Don't be an idle, lemming-like drown anymore. Find your battle and fight it. Fight it, like your kids life depended on it. Set the example, for them and others, that you are not going to take it anymore! No cause is too small! No discomfort too trivial! Like the quote says, "Nothing is constant but change". Be active in the change in your world, don't just observe it. But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

Saturday, November 3, 2007

American Gangster

I just got back from watching American Gangster and I was thoroughly disappointed in the movie. It was too long and it didn't seem to have any climax or depth to it. It didn't tell you anything about Frank Lucas except he sold dope and got caught. The writing was horrible and the director shouldn't work again. Apparently his best days are behind him. If they didn't want to glamorize the life of Frank Lucas they should've made a documentary or steered the film to focus on the lives he ruined. More than a couple scenes of some OD'ers. With that cast, it could've been so much better. I have no fault with Denzel. He just didn't have anything to work with. The dialogue was non-existent. I mean really, he's great but even Denzel can't carry a movie with a few angry outbursts and several scenes of him staring off in deep thought. It was like they were scared to tell his story, for fear of glamorization, so they summarized his life and went straight to the consequences. It's like they forgot that movies should entertain first, and then teach the moral and/or educational lesson. Maybe the movie should've been titled, "The Demise of Frank Lucas: An American Gangster". Then you would've known what you were getting. I feel like I was tricked by the slick title, solid director, and all-star cast. The title set me up, the director let me down, and the cast did the best that they could with little or nothing to work with. I feel like I finally got a ticket to see my favorite pro team play at home, and they got beat 77-0; but that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Handsome Reward For An Ugly Crime

There is a handsome reward for anyone who can lead me to the recovery of my Dallas Cowboys lawn sign. It was stolen just before the Cowboys played Buffalo. It is very dear to me and was given to me by someone very dear to my heart. Above are the men I believe are responsible for this theft. Each of them are the Residents of Martins Ferry OH. I only know their aliases. From left to right: Bobby Light, X- Factor, & C-Diddy. I know that Bobby Light & C-Diddy are brothers, all three are homophobes, and at least one of them has a crystal meth addiction.
If you can help me bring these crooks to justice I would greatly appreciate it. The reward awaits anyone who has info on the whereabouts of my Dallas Cowboys sign. Against my better judgement, I am not pursing legal action, but I don't feel as though scum like this should walk amongst us. But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

Monday, October 29, 2007

If I believed in......

If I believed in evil, here are the top five things that would qualify.

1. Organized Religion
2. The single minded pursuit of money
3. The Nightly News
4. Paparazzi
5. Critics
6. The Flavor Of Love Seasons 1, 2, & beyond (Including the reunion shows)
7. Overtly materialistic, misogynistic, unoriginal, & pointlessly violent, rap music
8. People who really "Don't Give A Fuck" about anyone or anything
9. Prison
10. War
11. Reality Shows (Except for The Real World: O.G. status)
12. The movie, "My Girl" with Dan Akroyd & Maculy Culkin
13. Paris Hilton

Feel free to add your own suggestions to the list.

But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

Fact vs Fiction

I am a believer that the world is a wonderful place. The reason ta I can believe this so whole-heartedly is because I don't watch the news and I don't read the newspapers. This helps me form my own opinion from my own experiences. I also read and believe stuff like this. It was e-mailed to me by someone who I respect a great deal:
1. There are at least two people in this world that you would die for
2. At least 15 people in this world love you in some way
3. The only reason anyone would ever hate you is because they want to be just like you
4. A smile from you can bring happiness to anyone, even if they don't like you
5. Every night, SOMEONE thinks about you before they go to sleep
6. You mean the world to someone
7. You are special and unique
8. Someone that you don't even know exists loves you
9. When you make the biggest mistake ever, something good comes from it
10 When you think the world has turned its back on you take another look
11 Always remember the compliments you received. Forget about the rude remarks.

I believe things like that because it gives me faith in my fellow man and makes it easier to give someone the positive benefit of the doubt. Believing these things and excepting them as fact, will change the world; but that's just my opinion, and who the hell am I?


Hopefully that title grabbed a few people's attention. What is so bad about it? Is it that these people are doing something for public record, that was traditionally done behind lock and key? Why d the people who do it suddenly gain the title of, "a person with low moral character"? It seems hypocritical to me. They aren't doing anything that your parents haven't done. Even more weird than society's take on porn, is the stigma that goes with someone who watches it. Test it out. Just ask someone if they watch porn. You will never get a yes or no answer. You will get stuttering followed by a reference of a time period, and rationalization that leads you to believe it was one time thing that was neither enjoyed or expected to happen again. On the other hand, you may get a person who answers with, "All the time, man!!!" and goes on to rattle of titles, actors, actresses, and his favorite scenes. I've never ran into person who answers that question with a simple, "yes" and continues on with their day. Which ever person you are, know this; their is nothing wrong with the enjoyment of legal, adult, pornography. The people involved in the industry are wonderful human beings with family's that love them. If that is too hard for you to believe, then maybe there is something wrong with you and your commitment to loving your fellow man. But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


A group of alumni, highly established in their careers, got together to visit their old university professor. Conversation soon turned into complaints about stress in work and life. Offering his guests coffee, the professor went to the kitchen and returned with a large pot of coffee and an assortment of cups: porcelain, plastic, glass, crystal, bone china, some plain looking, some expensive, some exquisite, telling them to help themselves to the coffee. When all the students had a cup of coffee in hand, the professor said: "If you noticed, all the nice looking expensive cups were taken up, leaving behind the plain and cheap ones. While it is normal for you to want only the best for yourselves, that is the source of your problems and stress. Be assured that the cup itself adds no quality to the coffee. In most cases it is just more expensive and in some cases even hides what we drink. What all of you really wanted was coffee, not the cup, but you consciously went for the best cups... And then you began eyeing each other's cups. Now consider this: Life is the coffee; the jobs, money and position in society are the cups. They are just tools to hold and contain Life, and the type of cup we have does not define, nor change the quality of Life we live. Sometimes, by concentrating only on the cup, we fail to enjoy the coffee God has provided us. God brews the coffee, not the cups........ .. Enjoy your coffee. The happiest people don't have the best of everything. They just make the best of everything."

I know these things are kinda corny but I still like'em. But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

Monday, September 24, 2007

The End of an Era

As most of you know, I am the single greatest Tetris Attacks player to ever walk the face of the earth. I would like to let the world know that I am stepping down and retiring from the game. I will still play occasionally but as far as my accepting all challenges and obliterating all opponents; those days are gone. One reason is because I am beginning to slip in my abilities, another is that I need to make room for the younger generation of players so that they can learn the ins and outs on their own. You never know though. I may dust off the sticks once again and make a run to reestablish myself as the G.O.A.T.; but for now I'm, fading away like Jordan and his jumper over Russell. It feels good to go out on top. But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

The Definitive Definition

What is your definition of Love? Try and think of a one sentence definition of the L-word. I want to know what your definition is. Here's mine; Love is the commitment to a feeling of respect, loyalty and admiration. But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

America's Next Top Model Behavior

Here are Adrianne Curry's exact words:

This is gonna be hard guys. I LOVE the comedians on BET. I also LOVE the fact that they play my favorite show of all time, In Living Color. However, I do not believe in separating ANY RACE in America. WE ARE AMERICANS! How dare we have Black History Month! In my eyes, the Native Americans deserve it MUCH more, seeing how we destroyed their ENTIRE SOCIETY. There are hardly any of them left! They also have been proven to have the WORST living conditions on their reservations. I want AN AMERICAN HISTORY MONTH. One where we learn about EVERY race, ALL OF OUR LEADERS, EVERYONE! I think by having a month dedicated to one race, and not one for any other, is RACIST. Every fund set up to only help people of one race is SICK and RACIST.Yes, I get it. Black people were slaves here once. You know what? That does suck some major balls, however, it is time to move the fuck on. Do we hear the Jews crying that they were made slaves for thousands of years? Do we hear them whine that they should OWN the pyramids in Egypt because THEY broke their backs making them? Do we hear them bitch and moan about Hitler, etc? (my hubby is a Jew) Nope, we don't. It's time for us to UNITE AS ONE. I do not think that singling out one race, giving one race opportunities to go to college (I know a TON of poor white, Asian, Indian, American Indian, etc etc that could use that too!), giving one race the EXCUSE to blame things on others for being whatever nationality they are, is a good way at making sure we NEVER kill racism.I am over this shit. WE ALL CAME FROM ONE BLACK WOMAN FROM AFRICA, THAT is our EVE! It has been proven by science, and I stand by it. If any other race had a channel dedicated to just them, we would think it was racist. If any other race demanded a month be set aside for ONLY them, they would be considered racist. I am NOT living by this double standard any longer.Think I am racist? I am not. I know what racism is. I dated a guy named "Justin" in Junior high. Nothing serious, but I really liked him. He was the blackest of black. ...BEAUTIFUL skin, kinda like Alex Wek's. He was handsome, and athletic, etc. I was called a Nigger lover. But you know what? I was called that by a whole 2 people out of a school with HUNDREDS of students. THAT is why I am NOT buying this racist shit anymore. Let us teach or children that there is NO DIFFERENCE! We are all human. I hope one day aliens land and try to kill us. Maybe THEN we would finally realize that WE are ONE.So, I will no longer tune into BET. This is going to suck, but I do NOT like the idea of having a channel for only 1 race. In the year 2007 in a country that is supposed to be the most advanced and equal. This is unacceptable! I will also no longer acknowledge Black History Month. Instead, I will see it the way that Morgan Freeman does (I have the quote at the bottom of my last blog on Obama/Jesse Jackson, and OJ). AMERICAN HISTORY MONTH! I will read/watch/and learn about ALL the people who made a difference in this country. I am asking you ALL to join me. Black, White, Indian, Asian, Russian, Australian, etc etc.....lets be AMERICANS together! What happened to the African American community was AMERICAN HISTORY, not BLACK HISTORY. If you want to celebrate in a way that excludes others and singles one race out, count me the FUCK out! I am soooo proud to be an American. I am SO proud that I have friends of every race, and none of us see each other as anything but what we are..people. Lets change Black History Month to 2 months of AMERICAN HISTORY. We will still learn about all the black leaders and people who made a difference....just not with the racist name of "Black History Month". It has to start somewhere. I am going to do my part in making sure we are all treated EQUAL in a country that CLAIMS we are. NO MORE SPECIAL TREATMENT FOR ANYONE WITH ANYTHING! It will never happen. At least, that is what many of you will say...FINE! My number one priority here is being able to die and know that I stood up for what I believed in, and that I did not add to the SEPARATION OF AMERICANS!! I love my country, I love the people in it. I love our history, good and bad. We should LEARN from it,not dwell in it and not move forward. That's why I am done with this shit. You are all my brothers and sisters.....even if I think you suck ; ) As Bono said, "One life, with each other..sisters...brothers!"now, have fun burning me at the stake ; )

The weird part is, alot of you feel the same way. But that's just my opinion though, and who hell am I?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Underneath II

I am speechless.

For at least a week, authorities say, a young black woman was held captive in a mobile home, forced to eat animal waste, stabbed, choked and repeatedly sexually abused — all while being peppered with a racial slur.
It wasn't until deputies acting on an anonymous tip drove to a ramshackle trailer deep in West Virginia's rural hills that she was found. Limping toward the door with her arms outstretched, she uttered, "Help me," the Logan County sheriff's office said.
Six people, all white, including a mother and son and a mother and daughter, have been arrested and could face federal hate crime charges in the suspected attack on 20-year-old Megan Williams, who remained hospitalized Tuesday with injuries that included four stab wounds in the leg, and black and blue eyes. Her right arm was in a cast.
"I'm better," Williams told The Associated Press in a voice barely above a whisper.
"I don't understand a human being doing another human being the way they did my daughter," Carmen Williams said Tuesday from the Charleston Area Medical Center. "I didn't know there were people like that out here."
The AP generally does not identify suspected victims of sexual assault, but Williams and her mother agreed to release her name.
A prosecutor said police are investigating the possibility that the victim was lured to the house and attacked by a man she had met online, but Carmen Williams insisted that wasn't the case. "This wasn't from the Internet," she said.
Authorities were still looking for two people they believe drove the woman to the house where she was abused, said Logan County Chief Deputy V.K. Dingess. Deputies also interviewed Williams on Tuesday morning. An FBI spokesman in Pittsburgh, Bill Crowley, confirmed that the agency is looking into possible civil rights violations.
The case is "something that would have come out of a horror movie," Logan County Sheriff W.E. Hunter said.
The home is in a forlorn part of Logan County about 50 miles southwest of Charleston, where the scattered homes are marked by "No Trespassing" signs. An old shed linked to a mobile home by an extension cord is what authorities say became a hellish prison for Williams.
Deputies found her when they drove to the home on Saturday after receiving an anonymous tip from someone who witnessed the abuse, officials said.
The woman was forced to eat rat and dog feces and drink from a toilet, according to the criminal complaint filed in magistrate court based on what the suspects told deputies. She also had been choked with a cord, it alleges. Deputies say the woman was also doused with hot water while being sexually assaulted.
One of those arrested, Karen Burton, is accused of cutting the woman's ankle with a knife. She used the N-word in telling the woman she was victimized because she is black, according to the criminal complaint.
Carmen Williams said doctors told her daughter she may be well enough to leave the hospital within a few days, although a nurse said the young woman's condition was listed as "under evaluation."
"I just want my daughter to be well and recover," Carmen Williams said. "I know the Lord can do anything."
The six suspects were arrested Saturday and Sunday. Frankie Brewster, the 49-year-old woman who owns the home where the suspected attacks occurred, is charged with kidnapping, sexual assault, malicious wounding and giving false information during a felony investigation.
Her son, Bobby R. Brewster, 24, also of Big Creek, is charged with kidnapping, sexual assault, malicious wounding and assault during the commission of a felony.
Frankie Brewster was released from prison in September 2000 after serving five years for voluntary manslaughter and wanton endangerment in the death of an 84-year-old woman, according to court records.
Burton, 46, of Chapmanville, is charged with malicious wounding, battery and assault during the commission of a felony.
Her daughter Alisha Burton, 23, of Chapmanville, and George A. Messer, 27, of Chapmanville, are charged with assault during the commission of a felony and battery.
Danny J. Combs, 20, of Harts, is charged with sexual assault and malicious wounding.
All six remained in custody Tuesday in lieu of $100,000 bail each, and all have asked for court-appointed attorneys.

The Struggle continues. But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Historic Hip Hop Highlight

It is nice to have something positive to say about Hip Hop nowadays. I've been a critic of it's lack of creativity and focus on materialism, but after seeing these pictures, I feel a lot better. True heavyweights in the game; Jay-Z, Diddy, Kanye West, 50 Cent, and T.I.(not pictured) were all on the stage at the same time. They were all smiling, laughing, and getting along. For once, it looks like Hip-hop is getting its Grown-man on. I'm proud. This sends a message to the younger generation of Hip-hop heads, as well as the critics: "We are business minded black men and we mean business". I predict more Rap Love Fests of this nature. Especially since the appearance hasn't caused any backlash. In fact the anticipation of a remix with all attending has a major buzz on the Internet. It makes me think of the old Fresh Fests that had all the top rap acts on one tour. I love battles, diss tracks, and beef as much as the next guys but gestures of solidarity and unity, in a cutthroat industry, are much more inspirational than entertaining. But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Sixth Sense Of Entitlement

What makes person feel that they are bigger, or more important than they rally are. Than You?Whether it's the equipment manager who is telling you how to run a route, a secretary stressing you about your work schedule, or a subordinate trying to run the show; what makes people feel like they can say whatever they want, to whoever they want? This is a touchy subject for me, because I have two minds on the topic. One says, we should live in a world where people feel safe and comfortable. Comfortable enough to speak their mind. The other says, people should understand that they just can't talk to people however they want without the fear or acknowledgement of consequences. Example: If someone who isn't your boss, criticizes your job or job performance, they should know that they have about a 50% chance of getting the shit slapped out of them. If you are a critic of anyone that you don't have an intimate or close relationship with, you should have a healthy fear of getting your head handed to you. Maybe what I'm asking for is respect. Respect in the face of ignorance, from the ignorant. Is that too much to ask? Can you get respect from an ignorant person without the fear of confrontation? Should ignorant people and their opinions even rent space in our heads? I don't know about you, but I'm handing out eviction notices. But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

Monday, August 27, 2007

Doing My Part

A friend of mine accused me of being a homophobe and I decided that I was going to do all that I could do to prove otherwise. I told a local single gay man that I would promote him and see if I could get him a date. Here is his picture and his My Space address:

If you like him, shoot him a message. He's a really nice guy, but that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Demise of Black Entertainment Television

Did anyone see that disgrace of a TV show that BET put on last night entitled, "We Got To Do Better/ Hot Ghetto Mess"? It was disgraceful!!!. I don't know what happened to BET but I am embarrassed by it nowadays. There "Blackbuster Movies" are usually 90 minute stereotypes that 90% of black folks wouldn't watch. I hope that Bob Johnson is sitting somewhere with his head in his hands, thinking to himself: "Was selling my baby worth the money?" There is more enlightening, entertaining, and/or thought provoking programming out there. I can't believe that there are still black folks in charge of programming and directing at the company. I feel like I'm watching a 24/7 "Flavor Of Love", "I Love New York", & "Adventures In Hollyhood" marathon. Reunion shows included. It's almost like they took all of MTV's shows , painted them black, added some bling and braids, and told us it is Black Entertainment Television. I hope that all of the employees at BET on & off air are forced to wear T-shirts with the name of their new show written across the front, 'cause it's a damn shame. That's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I'm Baaaaaaaaack

Sorry for the long lapse. I have been having alot of personal and professional hardships lately. Enough about me; I just wanna say that I appreciate everyone who asked me, "Ay, man what's up with the BLOG?" Every time you asked, it made me feel good. I'll try not to keep you guys out of my mental loop this long again. Keyword- TRY. I do this for myself, but it is nice to know that other people are tuning in. That's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Difference

Some people are confused on this matter, so I thought I'd give my 2 cents to help clear the matter up. The question is, "What is the difference between a reason and an excuse?" My answer is this: A reason requires deep thought. An excuse requires quick thought. That's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

Friday, June 8, 2007


Here is a young man who is in need of our help. He has been deprived of physical contact for so long that he now fears closeness and/or any physical connection especially with another male. I know what you're thinking, another homophobe; but i think this is much more. In this young man I've noticed a trend when emotions are thought of and looked at as a weakness. The better you hide them, the better you are. I've even heard some say that it is better to not have any feelings or emotions. I wanna break this cycle! So if you see this man. Hug him! I don't think it will result in any physical violence; just a pained expression and an immediate exit. So remember if you see this man, HUG HIM!!! It will make the world a better place. That's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

Another Hip-Hop Classic

My criticism of Hip-Hop and Rap music is nothing new. I decided that it isn't good to always point out the bad. Today, I decided to hip you all to a gem that many of you might not know about. The artist is Jadakiss. The album is "Kiss Of Death". The track is #15 "Air It Out". This song captures it all: the struggle, the motives, the swagger, and the stress. With this song, he distanced himself from 90% of the MCs in the game right now. He paints an incredibly vivid picture. So vivid that people that aren't from that lifestyle can see it. Jadakiss was ahead of his time with this single. It will be relevant for the next two decades. But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

A Cool Story

As those of you, who know me, are aware; I am not the biggest fan of organized religion. I do however read The Koran, The Bible, The Gita, and other various books of faith. Unlike most, I just see them as books. Occasionally, while reading a book, I'll run across a cool story. I'd like to share this one,

"There were ten lepers healed, and only one turned back to give thanks, but it is to be noticed that our Lord did not recall his gift from the other nine because of their lack of gratitude. When we begin to lessen our acts of kindness and helpfulness because we think those who receive do not properly appreciate what is done for them, it is time to question our motives."

What do you think? I think, it is real talk. That's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I

Monday, May 28, 2007

The 21 Steps To A "Good" Life

This was sent to me by one of the most incredible human being that I know.

ONE: Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully.

TWO. Marry a man/woman you love to talk to. As you get older, their conversational skills will be as important as any other.

THREE. Don't believe all you hear, spend all you have or sleep all you want.

FOUR. When you say, "I love you," mean it.

FIVE. When you say, "I'm sorry," look the person in the eye.

SIX. Be engaged at least six months before you get married.

SEVEN. Believe in love at first sight.

EIGHT. Never laugh at anyone's dreams. People who don't have dreams don't have much.

NINE. Love deeply and passionately. You might get hurt but it's the it's only way to live life completely.

TEN.. In disagreements, fight fairly. No name calling.

ELEVEN. Don't judge people by their relatives.

TWELVE. Talk slowly but think quickly.

THIRTEEN! .. When someone asks you a question you don't want to answer, smile and ask, "Why do you want to know?"

FOURTEEN. Remember that great love and great achievements involve great risk.

FIFTEEN. Say "bless you" when you hear someone sneeze.

SIXTEEN. When you lose, don't lose the lesson.

SEVENTEEN. Remember the three R's: Respect for self; Respect for others; and Responsibility for all your actions.

EIGHTEEN. Don't let a little dispute injure a great friendship.

NINETEEN. When you realize you've made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it.

TWENTY. Smile when picking up the phone. The caller will hear it in your voice.

TWENTY- ONE. Spend some time alone.

Let me know what you think. It seems pretty powerful to me. That's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

A Breath Of Fresh Air

For those of you joining Nasir Jones and myself in the mourning of Hip- Hop; REJOICE!!!! I just watched the May 25th, 2007 episode of Rap City and they did a bunch of freestyles in the booth. It was a glimpse into the future of the game; and trust me, the future looks bright. Joell Ortiz, The Game, Juelz Santana, Tru Life, and Serius Jones were all showcasing their skills. It was a good day for a fan of Rap music. If you get a chance, watch it on line. Joell and Serius especially. The Game could've been better, but he went COMPLETELY from the head. Tru Life dropped some depth with his, and Juelz was just flossy and focused. I'm impressed. But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

My Cousin Reub

I have a cousin named Jule Reuben Walker Stradwick Rouse. We call him Reub or Lil Reub. As you can tell from the picture, he is really something else. I love him. Sometimes it is tough, but I do. He is hard for some people to take. He is covered in tattoos and has the look of a man who has lead a hard life.
He has.
He has overcame more adversity at age 29, than most people have in their entire lives. It hasn't made him overly mean, or abusive. He does drink too much for my tastes, but I don't judge my family. I just help them get up when they fall. I don't actually know why I am writing this, but he was on my mind. He very rarely gets a fair shake. Don't get me wrong, my cousin makes more than his share of mistakes; but he always seems to get the short end of the stick. Especially when he is trying to do something for someone else. He has such a big heart; and one of the most infectious laughs that you will ever hear. He is the little brother that I never had. He gets mad when I don't return his phone calls, but I'm always there when he needs me. He is so smart and so funny. Most of the time people only talk like this after a person is passed away, but I wanted to seize the moment. We should all practice telling a loved one that we love them before it is too late. I love my cousin Jule Reuben Walker Stradwick Rouse. Regardless of what you think of him. Do you have a cousin Reub in your life? If so, give him a call or shout him out in a BLOG. But don't tell them. It ruins the feeling. That's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


If you have every loved Rap music, BUY THIS CD! If you are tired of flimsy lyrics with catchy hooks, BUY THIS CD! If you are confused with the direction of Hip-Hop, BUY THIS CD! If you would like to take a peek at the future of Rap music, BUY THIS CD! If your favorite rappers have never achieved platinum status, BUY THIS CD! If you are an up and coming MC and you want to see how it is done, BUY THIS CD! I AM IN NO WAY, AFFILIATED WITH THE ARTIST OR RECORD LABEL so, BUY THIS CD! If you support good music and amazing talent, BUY THIS CD!!! That's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

Monday, May 21, 2007

Uuuuuuuuuuhhhh. Nah Nah Nah Naaaah

Master P. wrote this opened letter in response to comments made by Curtis Jackson (AKA: 50 Cent) at a recent BET news conference. Let me know what you think.

May 20, 2007 Curtis Jackson's comment motivated me. There are a lot of immature people in the world. Oprah Winfrey is absolutely right, we need to grow up and be responsible for our own actions.
I paid for Curtis's first rap tour through the south. He was such a humble guy at the time. Most artists' mission is to sell records. My mission is to help save and change lives.
There's a lack of knowledge and false information out there. I could actually say Little Jay and Rap-A-Lot Records inspired my successful career and I will always respect them no matter what.
I wrote the blueprint for this generation. The only difference is there's no more honor and respect in the game.
Think about it: people in jail are not writing letters proclaiming to come out and do the same thing that landed them there in the first place. People in the hood don't want to stay poor for the rest of their lives. They want to change. Parents that really love their kids would rather sacrifice their own lives so that their kids could make a change to have a better life and a better education.
I'm glad that there are people like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and organizations like the NAACP that are out there fighting for our rights and dignity. I have finally realized that EVERY person is either a part of the problem or part of the solution and that is why I have decided to take a stand! I'm reaching out to corporate America to form an alliance for the sake of putting the value back into our communities by rebuilding and developing schools and businesses.
First of all, it's simply disappointing to see people that are in a position to help make a change just sit back and entertain the negativity. It's sad to see Steven Hill set all of these programming standards at BET, just to contradict himself for the sake of marketing dollars or artist performances in order to create the appearance of a successful award show. The record company with the biggest marketing check controls the music video stations so we need to go after the people who actually control these programming networks if we want real CHANGE.
I guess by taking a stand, my son and I will probably not be invited back to the BET awards. But it's O.K. I got love for BET; there are a lot of good people there. Hopefully, this will help people to see the real changes that need to be made. My son and I will sacrifice our airtime because this is bigger than us, this issue desperately needed to be addressed a long time ago.
There are four things that differentiate me from artists like Curtis Jackson. One, I can honestly admit that I was once part of the problem. Two, I don't want my son to grow up and be like me. I want him to be better and do better - and that is why he is taking the time to pursue a college degree. Three, money don't make me, I make money. My goal is to educate our people in building generational wealth and knowing how important it is to own real estate. Four, I'm a TRUE entrepreneur; my boss is God not Jimmy Iovine. From one brother to another, if you misunderstand my purpose you could always pick up the phone or talk to me in person. I'm trying to be part of the solution not the problem. The media thrives on entertaining, especially the negativity no matter what the cost. I'm praying for the brothers that are lost out there.
Throughout the years, I have lost so many relatives and friends. This year, I'd like to focus on the comedy movies because we need to laugh more. The first movie that I'm producing is "Black Supaman" and thereafter will be "The Mail Man" starring Tony Cox and myself. I'm setting up a book tour for "Guaranteed Success" and a Hip Hop Business class with financial expert Curtis Oakes for those seeking knowledge. I understand that I can't change the whole Hip Hop industry; I'm only trying to do my part. If you're real, be a part of the positive movement with Take A Stand Records.com Look for the first single "I Wanna Be Like You" from the album "Hip Hop History." I'm in negotiations with Wal-Mart and Target for direct distribution. Those are all examples of the positive difference I am trying to make in this industry.
I'm reaching out to my friends Shaquille O'Neal, Will Smith, Russell Simmons, Queen Latifah, Derek Anderson, Charles Barkley, Emmitt Smith, Beyonce, and Reverend Run to help contribute to this positive movement. I will also be holding a press conference with the president NAACP and will be able to answer any questions at that time.
I am not asking any other hip-hop or gangsta rap artist change what they do; that's how they make their money. Furthermore, I am not a preacher; I'm just telling the world what I'm doing and the changes that I am making because it's something I want to do. If that's sending mixed signals to people then they need to deal with their own conscience first.
P. Miller

I Came In The Door, Said It Before....

Sorry for the long delay since my last post. I had a brief controversy about my pictures of Free & Deelishis. I believe that they are tasteful tributes, others think they are perverted Lust-Fests. I straightened it all out though. Sorry if anyone out there was offended. Sorry if the title of this post made you think that it had something to do with Rakim. I think an apology is supposed to somehow makes the parties involved feel better. I wonder if this is true if the incident was thought of as intentional and/or deliberate. Let's see. I'd like to offer you all some apologies: Sorry for the War In Iraq.(It's a real mess & it doesn't seem to be ending soon) Sorry about that song, "Party Like A Rock Star". (Anybody can get a deal these days) Sorry that Jadakiss, Mos Def, or Killer Mike hasn't had the kinda of retail success that Nelly, Chingy, or 50 Cent has. Sorry about black people who let Keeping It Real rule their lives. Sorry about the white people who don't know any black people.(By "know", I mean invited them to their house more than once) Sorry for the fumbled snap in the playoffs against Seattle. Sorry for the people that will treat other people as bad as they are allowed to. Sorry for people with annoying laughs. Sorry for man-boobs. Sorry for women with no booty. Sorry for all of my own fashion mistakes while I was growing up. Sorry for image being a part of the equation when evaluating talent. Sorry for organized religion. Sorry for the belief that the women who dance in Rap videos don't have a choice. Sorry for the abundance of Cancer in the Ohio Valley. Sorry for the criticism that Rap music has taken nowadays. Sorry for any white person that thinks it is OK to use the word, "nigger" or "nigga". Sorry for what happened to Whitney Houston. I'm sorry about the loss of faith in your fellow man. Well..... did that make you feel any better. It was sincere. That's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I

Thursday, May 3, 2007

The Best Things In Life Are......

Does anyone have any idea what happened to Free? I miss her. I don't think BET has been the same since she and AJ left(or got fired or whatever). I don't know if women across America miss AJ, the same way that men across America miss Free. If anyone knows what she is doing now, or her where abouts, please let me know. I would like to send her a Thank You card. Rocsi is cool, but she's no Free. That's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Corporate Ghetto

Apparently if you can answer yes to 4 or more questions - then you're officially "corporate ghetto."

1. You have at least one drawer/cabinet that contains more food than office supplies.

2. Not only do you know all the security guards, janitors and cafeteria workers, one of them has asked you out on a date.

3. Your version of a conference call is when you call your friends and plan what you are doing for the weekend.

4. The only time your man/woman picks you up from work is on payday.

5. Friends and family members call you at work to cuss you out because you didn't answer your phone quickly enough.

6. You paint your nails at your desk.

7. When you are on a personal call you, laugh so loud your co-workers on the other side of the office come and ask you what's so funny.

8. You have pictures on your wall with you and your friends at the club.

9. To beat the system, you have codes for personal calls that let's someone know to call you right back. (For example, let the phone ring two times and call me right back)

10. You give your out-of-town friends your company's 1-800 number.

11. Before calling in sick, you rehearse your sick voice and sick story several times out loud.

12. Coworkers ask about your father's surgery that required you to miss work for days - and you don't even know who your daddy is.

13. You use the company's postage machine to stamp your personal mail.

14. Your kid's school supplies all have your company's insignia on them.

15. You call in sick on payday Friday and send your cousin to pick up your paycheck.

16. You contribute $1 to the office Christmas party, eat the most food and take a platter of lunch meat and potato salad home to your family for dinner.

17. Before someone uses your telephone at your desk, they have to wipe the chicken grease off the handset.

18. You call in sick on Friday because you went out on Thursday.

19. You tell off your supervisor and a couple of other coworkers on a regular basis - and wonder why you haven't been promoted.

20. You get your haircut/hair done on lunch and come back two hours later. Then you ask "Was anybody looking for me?".

21. You cuss your creditors out for calling you at work.

22. You come to work on Fridays dressed for the club.

23. Your kids call your job and say to the operator, "Let me speak to my Mama"

24. You are sitting there reading this instead of getting your work done.

25. You, the big black guy, are the worst basketball player in your office

26. Instead of dressing up to go to work on Monday in order to start the week of right, you dress up on Friday in order to start the WEEKEND off right.

27. You admire your CEO, not because of his vision and skill at succeeding in the corporate world, but because he is a "playa"

29. You don't start working in the morning until you read
…But Who The Hell Am I


I know that I am a grown-ass man, but I love superheroes. I have since I was a kid. Batman has always been my personal favorite. I am amazed by the idea of someone having super human strength like Superman or Super speed like The Flash. Some of the superheroes and their powers confused me, like Aquaman. (wouldn't it suck to have the ability to communicate with fish. I wouldn't even consider that a power) I love alter egos, and I love villains. I guess some people have soap operas, some people have The History Channel, but me; I have comic books and superhero movies. I've broken my love down into these categories: The Best Superhero Male- Batman Female- She-Hulk. The Best Villain- Three way tie= The Joker, Magneto, & Apocalypse. The Best Superpower- The Word from the comic book Preacher. (this power allowed the person using it to speak with the word of God, so that whoever heard it was compelled to do whatever was said) The Worst Superhero- Robin (I'm glad he's dead) My Dream Superhero Fight would be Batman vs Wolverine. The Best Superhero Movies- Batman, X-men 3, Spiderman 2, and Superman 2. If you love superheroes like I do, Let me know what you think. That's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

The Woodboard Test

A buddy of mine told me that more people will respond to shorter posts. Is this true? Let's see. That's just his opinion though, and who the hell is he?

The Enemy We Seek

This may sound weird, but I have been thinking about the danger of comfort. I don't think it is always a good thing. I'm not ready to designate it a Schedule 1 word, but it is a little scary sometimes. The instances where comfort scares me are, the times where a human being is put in life threatening or traumatic circumstances for a prolonged period of time. Human beings adapt. It may be hard for you and I to realize, but people who live in war torn countries or neighborhoods immersed in constant violence, sleep at night. It may not be the best sleep, but they feel comfortable enough to fall asleep. They also cook breakfast, good to work, have sex, raise families, and go to church. Once a person has achieved a level of comfort in a situation like that, I feel that the rest is downhill. You begin to equate comfort with familiarity and familiarity with home. So what happens when you get home sick? My theory is, "What you get comfortable with, you eventually seek for comfort." If you grew up in chaos and dysfunction, you then seek chaos and dysfunction for familiarity and comfort. It is a subtle thing at times but if you look really hard, you can see it more often than not. Be careful what you let into your comfort zone, because it may be difficult to move it out. That's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Fox's American Ideology

Did anyone else witness the slap in the face that FOX and American Idol tried to pawn off as a telethon? Does anyone else feel slighted with what notion that FOX had to have a telethon in order to try and help any cause anywhere in the world? We aren't talking about WQRS-TV public access station trying to raise money to stay on the air. We are talking about one of the top four television networks in America. They have huge contracts with the NFL, NASCAR, and one of the biggest shows in television history; American Idol. Fox as a network benefited more than Africa by the show last night that was aired. They gained additional public support for their network by appearing to help and care about the conditions of Africans. To show that they truly care, they should lobby that the government change some of their laws towards Africa and other developing nations. This will not happen, as it would in the long run negatively effect Fox as a network. Just think if Fox, ABC, CBS, and NBC joined to lobby for change instead of Fox asking the public to donate during one of the most popular television shows in history. And finally, no one was eliminated last night meaning Fox gets another week of ratings as American Idol gained an extra week on air. But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Super Bowl XLII

My early pick to win Super Bowl XLII should be know surprise to all of you folks out there. I thought I'd make it interesting, by being more specific. Super Bowl XLII will be played between the Dallas Cowboys & the San Diego Chargers. History will be made again, because this will be the first time that two first year coaches will make the Super Bowl. The Dallas Cowboys will secure their 6th Championship with a nail biting, hard fought, come-from-behind victory. The final score will be 21- 17. After just celebrating the first Black Head Coach to win it all; we will then be celebrating the 1st First year coach to win it all, Wade Phillips. I also expect either T.O. or Tony Romo to set a Super Bowl record. That's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

Some Hipocracy Knows No Bounds

I wonder when there will be a national forum/discussion about curbing her lyrical content, image, or effect to generations of women in America? Probably never. I wonder why? That's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

Dark Man X

Does anyone else miss DMX? I sure do. I remember when he came on the scene and I thought he would soon be taking his place amongst Pac, Nas, Jay-Z, & Biggie. He seemed so raw. He was exactly what was needed in a time where rap music was becoming bogged down with materialism and simple lyrics. He was a breath of fresh air. His story was compelling also. He came from nothing and planned on becoming a preacher when he was done with his rap career. This was evident by those stirring prayers that he included on his albums. The live versions were even better. Those were the good old days. Lately, DMX has become sort of a cautionary tale amongst MCs. His legal woes and battles with drug addiction are painful to watch. It is even more uncomfortable to hear him speak out against Jay-Z's entrepreneurial status and the West Coast's inadequacy. I never thought the dog would sound like a hater. Every now and again, I see him make an appearance on Def Poetry or something like that, where I get brief flashes of YO's favorite son. When I really want to reminisce; I throw on It's Dark & Hell Is Hot and listen to track 19 "Niggas Done Started Something". The last verse is vintage DMX at his best. I don't know if it was putting out so many albums so fast, or getting caught up in the fame and movies; he just seemed to lose his way somewhere along the line. I don't know. I do know this; DMX is an ingredient that the game is missing and it seems a little bland without him. That's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Another Schedule 1 word

The new Schedule 1 word is DESERVE. For those who are new to the blog, a Schedule 1 word is a word that has no positive or medicinal purposes; and should be banned. I'm not exactly sure what my problem is with the word DESERVE, but I don't feel like it is productive. To me, it hints at a benefit that lacks sacrifice or risk. It is the dictionary's way of saying, "free meal". It also feels like a broken promise. If someone was using that word in a sentence about me, I would feel slighted. As if I was getting a consolation prize for just showing up. I have heard it associated with a reward or consequence for something done in the past or accidentally overlooked, though. For those instances, I have a replacement word. I nominate the word Earned. When you feel the need to use the word DESERVE, instead, use the word Earned. To Earn something means that a noble enterprise full of sacrifice, risk, and reward has occurred and it screams for people to pay attention and aspire towards it. I would much rather hear that I have Earned all of the good & bad that come my way. Just because I DESERVE something doesn't mean that I get it. That's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

Friday, April 20, 2007

Disconnection Notice

Let's all disconnect! We should do just like they did in The Matrix. I say that we all remove ourselves from this system that isn't exactly working for us. It isn't difficult. First, STOP WATCHING THE NEWS AND READING NEWSPAPERS. (the media clouds our minds). Second, ONLY INVOLVE POLICE IN MATTERS OF LIFE, DEATH, AND EXTREME CIRCUMSTANCES. (the less dependent we become, the better off we are) Third, STOP DEPENDING OR RELYING ON ELECTED OFFICIALS. (If I didn't have ancestors, who died, in order for me to do so; I wouldn't even vote) Fourth, GET TO KNOW YOUR NEIGHBORS AND YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD. (without the news, this will be the only way that you can lean about your environment) and finally, BECOME DEEPLY INVOLVED IN YOUR AREA'S SCHOOL SYSTEM. (I mean more than just coming to a few PTA meetings a year)

I think we could really change some things if we lessen our dependence on "The System" and become a better, tighter-knit community. That's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Conversations With Pop

Once I was walking down the streets of Wheeling Island, and a small red sports car pulled up beside me. The man driving called me to the window. He was very drunk and I could tell that he had no business driving. By the potency of the vapors, I'm surprised he was still conscious. He began to speak and he stopped himself. He used his fingers to pull a large hunk of mushrooms out from his jawline. These aren't the Pizza Hut kind of Mushrooms either. The way the glob splattered on the ground in front of me, I knew he had it in his mouth for a while. He proceeded to talk to me as if we were in mid-conversation. He said to me, "Survival is nothing more than the manipulation of time. If you find yourself in a situation that you don't believe that you can get out of, or that is detrimental to you; STALL. Nothing is constant but change, and in time, the situation will provide an escape route for you to come out safe and sound." That is when I learned that Survival and Patience are synonyms. It really blew me away to hear this stuff coming from him. He must have been having a good day. Every now and again, my father says some deep stuff. That's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Support Your Local MC

Why in the world don't we support local rap acts. By support, I mean, buying their music & going to their shows. Most of the time they are looked at as kids who are wasting their time. They are literally ignored by adults and shunned by community groups. I am going to try and do my part to break this trend. I am going to start pumping CDs, tapes and DVDs of local Hip-Hop artists. The artist pictured here, is a local cat that is doin' his thing. I've heard his CD and the boy can spit. It hard for me to say this about an Ohio- boy, but Slick Watts is the truth. (Of course, he got some help from the 304) I am a lyrical type of guy and this young spitter passes my MC criteria. If you are from the area, buy this CD and find out for yourself. If you are willing to spend $20-$13 on an artist that you've never met, why not do the same for a guy that you could possibly see in your neighborhood. That's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

Friday, April 13, 2007

The Coon Show

When did it become so cool to be black and ignorant? Is this the after effect of "Keepin' It Real"? I thought we had reached our bottom, as a people, when I saw Flavor Of Love I & II. Lucky for us, the good folks at MTV hopped right on the Buffoonery bandwagon. The new show is "Adventures In Holly-Hood". No, I didn't just make that up. It's wrong on so many levels. It paints a picture of black folks that sheltered, naive, white folks would welcome into their psyche and not feel the least bit racist, judgmental, or stereotypical. I don't like to knock anyone's hustle, but I am sure that Martin & Malcolm are somewhere looking down and thinking, "Is this where the struggle has lead my people?" Living in a primarily white population, shows like this just make the water cooler/ Lunchroom/ Teacher's Lounge a place of dread. It's just the ammunition that the "behind-closed-doors" racist needs to bring it out to the forefront. I hope this trend dies soon. If it doesn't; please rent Spike Lee's movie, "Bamboozled" to see how this is all gonna end. Damn, I miss the Huxtables! That's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sorry, babe

Does anybody else love Deelishis the way that I do? I don't think that thing with her and Flav will last long. That's just my opinion, though and who the hell am I?

My Book Report

Life is kinda cool. It seems like I spend a lot of time thinking about and trying to figure out my purpose in life or if I'm really doing what I should be doing with my life. I guess I would get a signal or a sign if I weren't. Life is kinda like reading a book. Every now and again you will get the overwhelming urge to skip to the end and see if your hunches are correct or peek at how it all turns out. That only seems to happen when you're in a chapter that ss boring or seems meaningless. (like when Hawthorne goes on forever describing a tree or a meadow) You also get that urge when a person who is reading the same book as you, tells you how good it is once you get through those early chapters. It makes you want to rush to a point when you may not have the proceeding information to understand it. Some people even enjoy those chapters that you think are pointless. It's most like a book, when you finally get to that point where you are riveted with what you are reading. You can't take your eyes away from it and once you're done, you re-read that part to re-live some of the feelings that it gave you. Chapters like this make you want to keep reading, for the hope that there are more. There are always moments in life like that. You keep reminiscing and hoping that life has more of them in store for you. Just like no one can live your life for you; no one can read a book for you (if you expect to get anything out of it). I feel sorry for those who close the book and stop reading too soon, because they can't get past the boring or pointless parts. They missed a great story. I think it is our duty as human beings to act as a reading coach or tutor, to those of us who have problems reading or are afraid of the twists and turns of a good book. We can make sure they still enjoy the stories. Kinda like an Author's Workshop, "How To Write & Experience A Good Book." That's just my opinion, though and who the hell am I?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The G.O.A.T.

I would like to inform the world that I am the All-Time Greatest Tetris Attack player in all of recorded history! I first began playing the game as a fluke out of boredom. I borrowed a Super Nintendo from my cousin and the rest was history. I have destroyed everyone I've faced. From fellow counselors to prison guards to social workers to Middle School Principals; They all have fallen before me. I beat my cousin using one hand. I erased all hope of victory for three Martins Ferry men. It was ugly. While playing one of them; I stopped, put down my controller, pulled out my phone, typed the text "I'm killin' you", sent it to the guy I was playing, picked up my controller, and still beat him. I'm a beast. I'm also accepting all challengers. I wouldn't waste my time if I were you. That's just my opinion, though and who the hell am I?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


All human beings are inherently good at heart. In the past, I only said this to try and convince myself and others not to worry as much. Now I believe it. The only proof that I have of this is the presence of Rationalization. If we didn't rationalize our actions, we would be left to believe that our action reflect who we are. Rationalization answers the question of, "Why did you do that?", that we always ask ourselves and others. If a person were evil or bad, they would have no need to rationalize things with themselves. They would be cool with being evil or bad. The act of rationalization almost asks for forgiveness or a second first impression. It is subliminally saying. "Yeah, I did it; but that's not what I'm all about." The dictionary says rationalization is, "to devise self-satisfying but false reasons for one's behavior." What if the reasons weren't false? What if deep inside there was another person begging to be rescued and their only SOS was their rationalizations? What if the definition read, "to devise self-uplifting and alternative reasons to preserve the positive aspects of an individual." I may just suffer from terminal optimism; but that's just my opinion, though and who the hell am I?


They still think you are a nigger. If you don't believe me; ask Don Imus, Michael Richards, Trent Lott, Marge Schott, Barbara Bush, Paris Hilton, Fuzzy Zoeller, John Rocker, & The Simi Valley Jury; but that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Suck Jobs

These jobs suck. I think it would eat at my soul if I had to do any of them for a living.

1.) Paparazzi

2.) Professional Skeptic

3.) Critic

4.) Car Salesman

If you can think of any more, please post them.

I would rather be unemployed. But that's just my opinion, though and who the hell am I?

Tupac Amur Shakur

I am a big Tupac fan. I'm not one of these folks who love the thugged out, tattooed up, gangsta rapper aspect of him. Many could argue that image was a facade or figment of his fantasy. I'm not one of those guys. I'm a fan for a different reason. Ossie Davis said in his eulogy of Malcolm X, "Malcolm was our manhood, our living, black manhood" & "our own black shining prince". That's how I feel about 'Pac. He embodied more that the ability to rhyme well. (Even though he never has dropped one of those lines that made me go, "Oooooooooooooooh!") He was an artist & an Icon who chose rap to stamp the world. His whole history and aura seems mythical in a sense. His father was a hustler and his mother was a Black Panther. He has connections in damn near every 'hood across the country. From New York to Baltimore to Oakland to LA, someone has spent time with and/or "knows the real" 2pac. He embodied the duality of man. He attended a school for the arts, but was also shot five times in an attempted robbery. There is video footage of him, in high school, dancing with Jada Pinkett, to a Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince song. Coincidence? I think not. To start to understand the connection and admiration that I feel for Tupac, you must do one vital task first. Purchase his CD entitled "Me Against The World". I think it was the best CD he ever recorded. It was released in 1995 but it should be relatively easy to find. Listen to it and you will be hearing the inner thoughts and a clear diagnosis of the psyche of a street nigga. You'll learn, and more importantly, you'll feel the music. The most poignant piece of the album in the 4th verse of the 4th song, "So Many Tears". It is what so many of us, young black males on the streets or locked up, think & feel; but don't say. It's amazing. But that's just my opinion, though and who the hell am I?

Monday, April 2, 2007

The new Schedule 1 word

Just a reminder; Schedule 1 words are words with no positive uses or medicinal purposes. The new Schedule 1 word is TOLERATE or any derivative of the word. This word somehow got a stamp of approval and people were convinced that it is positive, and TOLERANCE is something to strive for. I think the word TOLERATE implies putting up with or ignoring the way something makes you feel. That isn't something I would want to instill in my fellow man. Whatever we feel that we should TOLERATE, we should take a closer look at, to be sure we can't follow another course of action. If we can change our perceptions about it, we should; if we can't, then we should figure out why we can't. Instead of the word TOLERATE, I nominate using the word Understand. To Understand something doesn't mean that you condone or support it; it just means that you have taken the time to investigate and evaluate something to figure out where it comes from and where it may be headed. You didn't just brush it under the table because you didn't agree or approve. Everyone should seek to Understand and everyone would love to be Understood. Think about it; would you rather have someone say that they TOLERATE you and your opinions or they Understand you and your opinions? That's just my opinion, though and who the hell am I?

The "Good" Doctor

I am taking a huge risk with the statement I am about to type. I no longer have any respect for Dr. Dre. I know he is a pioneer, legend, and arguably the greatest producer in Hip-Hop history, but I don't like him anymore. I also know that he is responsible, be it partially or fully, for the careers of Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, & 50 Cent. I just can't seem to get past the fact that he has nothing more to do with The Game. Actually, it isn't just that. Dr. Dre has taken a passive, "I don't wanna get my hands dirty" approach for far too long now. Remember when he didn't show up for Snoop at his murder trial? Remember when he walked away from Death Row records after he built the whole company? I feel like this is the same thing that he is doing with The Game. What makes it worse is The Game is/was a young, hungry MC from Compton. Dre's hometown! He could have taken him under his wing and directed him to be the heir apparent. Instead, when things got hectic, he walked away from The Game. Just like he did Death Row. When will he stand up an say, " I'm Dr. Dre! One of the Architects of Hip-hop! This is what I want & This is how I want it done!!!" He could be a force that guides Hip-Hop and contributes to its future instead of the The Hip-Hop Hermit. I just wish he was a bigger voice then he is now. Maybe I'm just mad because I see how much respect The Game has for him and how he praises him in every verse. It's a shame to see someone with so much respect, get treated with none in return. That's just my opinion, though and who the hell am I?

Seeds of Doubt

You know what I've been trying lately? I have been giving everyone that I meet, 2 positive Benefits of the Doubt until they have proven otherwise. Here they are 1.) Everyone knows what he or she is doing. 2.) Everyone does what makes him or her happy.

It really makes things easier. If you try this for 48 hours, you'll notice tat you don't try and think for other people & you don't try and guess the hidden agenda of everyone. It is also great for people with paranoia and ulcers. It even helps people remove their nose from other people's business without having to be told to do so in a "not so nice" way. That's just my opinion though and who the hell am I?

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Perpetuation is the Most Sincere Form of Hipocracy

On Sept. 21st, 2003, my cousin was murdered. It devastated our family. As would most, our family came together to comfort each other reminisce and celebrate my cousins memory. During this time, myself and some of my younger cousins engaged in a conversation about revenge. We talked about how, if we found out who was responsible for his death; it would be a given that this person would meet the same demise. No one batted an eye at the prospect of killing whoever was responsible. Then my aunt, his mother, came in the room. She was carrying the suit that he was to be buried in. The pain, suffering, and anguish was so intense with her that I could feel it. It was a real, tangible experience. Some of us decided right then and there that we would NEVER want ANYONE ELSE ON EARTH to feel that way. Vengeance was no longer an option. My goal then became rebuilding our family & making my cousin's memory a celebration instead of a source of pain. I took that thought and broadened it to the general population's opinion on the death penalty. I decided then, I was no longer in favor of it. It took the death of someone I loved to learn that, "if it's wrong to kill, then it is wrong to kill." When I think about it now, I'm almost ashamed of my past views. I had the mind state that if someone wronged me bad enough then they suddenly aren't the same kind of person as me. I acted as if that person's family wouldn't be destroyed without them. I also realized that by perpetuating the behavior, attitude, or action I despise, I am encouraging it. It would be like someone raping a loved one of mine, and then me raping a loved one of theirs; while trying to convince others that I think rape is wrong and a horrible thing. If you get a chance, ask yourself, "Do I perpetuate the behavior, beliefs, and attitudes that I say I don't condone?" It's a tough question. But that's just my opinion, though and who the hell am I
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