Monday, October 6, 2008

Mystery of the Rump

I have always been puzzled by this so I thought I would make it a post. Just to see if there is a brave soul out there that would step up and clarify this for me. My question is this: Why don't white men like big butt? I don't claim to know the inner most carnal desires of all white men; but 99.95% of all the white men I know are disgusted by women with shapes like Deelishis & Buffie The Body. I'm not sure what it is that repulses them about a curvy, shapely woman; but the white men I know seem pretty adamant. It seems like they prefer skinny women with large chests. I don't usually deal in sweeping generalization, but the fact are plain. So, if there are any white men or people close to white men that are reading this post, please provide me with some insight on this preference. I think it may have something to do with the backlash of a manufactured, distorted, unnatural image of beauty that was forced on the American society. I don't know if that was the doing of the media or a part of America's plot to De-Africanize the country. You tell me. But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?


Anonymous said...

Truly not that big of a puzzle and you touched on the reasoning, which leads me to believe you may actually know more than you credit yourself. Carnal desires of men are the reason for preference, keeping it simple.
You mentioned the "manufactured,distorted,unnatural image of beauty": are you trying to say that all woman w/o a curvacious body are fake? Not so...we are all genetically predispositioned to physical traits.
Then you blame society,media and even create a conspiracy theory. That probably would, at first glance, appear as a compliment to defend the honor of an embodied woman, but sadly that's not what you have accomplished.
Your post only perpetuates the idealology of men and their attraction to physical sexuality, the fuel of society and the media, despite the type of woman exploited.
If you have gathered emperical evidence, then I believe your study has reported false positives. I have known men to be attracted to various physical bodies irregardless of race, but emphatic to the carnal realm. Exploitation of a woman's body is the common denominator. I am certain if you look back in history you will find that men have chosen all types of women based only on sexual desires.
Our bodies are a vessel which harbor the more important aspects of our being. Women should be merited on the "stride in my step, joy in my feet,inner mystery, grace of my style, the need of my care" then truly we may be seen for what we all are: Phenomenal Woman!

Anonymous said...

I thought about this and needed to make a statement that, women are more than Rump Size.
We are more than "physical attraction".
Look at her and see the "beauty within" and go beyond the beauty behind her.
For a real women, its not a compliment to tell her; you are only attracted physically to her body or her rump size. There's so much more to a "beautiful woman"....

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