Thursday, November 26, 2009

My 300th Post

Well. Well. Well. 300 posts. I would've never thought that I had 300 things to type about. Somehow I did. Unfortunately, this last 300 post have been kinda darkened with what I can only categorize as haters and perpetrators. I believe that I lost several readers from it. It was apparent one day when i got a strange e-mail from someone who wanted to comment, but "didn't want involved in all that drama". I didn't help matters because I jumped in head first instead of letting people think what they think and work it out on their own. The worst part is that I ended up finding out that it was a loyal reader that I thought was a friend who started it all up. I've since, resolved all issues with that person and intend to move on. I actually considered just deleting it, but I'm glad I chose against it. Enough of that crap! My favorite topics from these past 100 have been: Rest In Peace, The Inauguration I Would've Loved To See, Blind Hypocrisy, An Elephant Never Regrets, A Cool Moment, Renigger, and Really???. This is the part I love. Now I wanna shout out the brave souls who I appreciate so much, and who make me feel sane and insane at the same time. I wanna thank all the people who have commented and left their name or a name instead of Anonymous. These fine people are: Stella, Crystal, Kelly Jo, Jade, Adria, Aimee, Jaime, Susan, Claire, Good Ole Wifey, Jermaine, James Tubman, Mizamizamoses, My Two Cents, Jessica, CoJack, J. Lucious, Tamara, Niecy Cakes, Mary, MJ Lives Under My Bed, and Wendy Lough. Thank you all. Please keep reading. I decided to post the picture of me and my mom because I also learned this year that no one has my back more than she does. NO ONE! I plan on trying for 400. I don't know if I'll make it, but I'm sure gonna try. Haters don't bother me as much anymore. But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?


Tamara said...

Congratulations on your 300th post! What do you mean you may not have 100 more topics...yeah constant about people is their behavior; you my friend will never be without a strong opinion(lmao)and "haters" will always be here.
You have the ability to rise above it's just your nature and definitely the way you were nurtured(NICE pic of you and mama!).
Many people choose to make others look, feel, or seem inappropriate and insignificant because of their own insecurities and's the "dope fiend" move! Do what you do my brutha....continue to be the sincere, strong, and wise man that you are....keep blogging because I "commit" to remain an avid reader!

Crystal said...

I'll keep reading if you keep writing! Congratulations.

Neicy Cakes said...

I am very pleased to see the blogging has resumed! Haters nothin... too many of us got your back Partner! xoxo!

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