Monday, December 7, 2009

The Good Wife's Guide

Back in the day there was a magazine entitled, Housekeeping Monthly. When I say back in the day, I mean baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack in the day. In their May 13th, 1955 issue they had a little list that they ran entitled, "The Good Wife's Guide". When I read it, I was reminded of how drastically the ideas of Home, Wife, Family, and Husband have changed. I'm gonna post at least one of these things per week and I want you guys; especially the women, to tell me what you honestly think.

Make the evening his. Never complain if he comes home late or goes out to dinner, or other places of entertainment without you. Instead, try to understand his world of strain and pressure and his very real need to be at home and relax.

Truthfully, this doesn't sound half bad. I don't think it would fly nowadays, unless it went both ways. It kinda has a hidden implication of solitude and trust: two things important to a healthy relationship. Cool idea, but good luck adapting that to the modern woman. But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?


Crystal said...

I firmly believe that couples need time apart. However, The Good Wife's Guide didn't mention hubby discussing his plans with wifey ahead of time. Thats just a matter of respect.

Tamara said...

TRUST....the key component. When you have established that bond all other aspects of the relationship should fall into perspective.
The "modern day woman" isn't that much different than her "medieval" counterparts.
We cherish trust and committment....a H-U-G-E concept for the "modern day man".

Good Ole Wifey said...

Maybe I'm just a hater? Maybe I just see too many double standards? or just Maybe, I'm at a stage of lyfe where the man has to bring something else to the table other than his body rocking good loving all night long sex! Let's keep it real.

Good Ole Wifey feels like she has been burnt trying to nurture, love, support, commit, trust and be the whole woman for her Good Ole Hubby. So now she feels its his turn. She works just as hard. Is it noticed? Hell no! All Good Ole Hubby feels is that he needs his space, his tyme, his privacy, his money, his friends etc. It's all about HIM.

Good Ole Wifey looked back over a few post that was entitle The Good Wife's Guide and nowhere did she find a nice little tiny article about her Good Ole Hubby coming home and giving tyme-respect-support to Good Ole Wifey. Not one post where Good Ole Hubby comes home with flowers in his hand, sits his woman down and just begins massaging her. No where do you read where he says: baby don't cook tonight, I'm taking you out.

Don't get it wrong: Good Ole Wifey believes in submission to her hubby. I have no problem doing the do with hubby and I would even go as far as handing over my paychecks to Good Ole Hubby. But, hubby really needs to bring it on and show himself as well.

I was thinking about how Good Ole Wifey would just sit around playing yes to hubby back in the day.

I look back and I started to wonder if maybe Good Ole Hubby didn't play the role model figure like he should have with this generation of men.

Maybe just maybe that's why we have soo many men out here playing the field and holding on to fear of commitment, lack of support and the mise of disrespect to women.

Maybe, just maybe this is why our generation has fallen out of love and look more to one night stands with freaks, hoes and wannabes.

The needs of Good Ole Hubby overrides all else. I think Good Ole Hubby thinks he is KING of Earth and his shit don't stink. (I know, I sound like a hater. But Oh well screw the dumbshit)

Good Ole Wife is burnt the F**k out!

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