Monday, January 25, 2010


OK.... Where do I begin? Maybe, i shouldn't be so hasty when I see a trailer that moves me. Maybe, I shouldn't be captivated be what I feel is genuine acting. Maybe, I shouldn't be so quick to get behind a story that I feel needs to be told. I posted the preview to this movie and I said, "YOU MUST SEE THIS MOVIE". I am not a fan of this movie. I think it is too dark, too sad, and offers no hope to the audience. You leave the theater feeling pity. I was tricked into believing that this movie was inspirational, but it doesn't inspire. It doesn't move you towards appreciation, it scares the shit out of you and drops kicks you into the general direction of appreciating your life. There is nothing that motivates me about this story. Maybe I have a skewed sense of a inspirational story. However, I still would recommend that everyone should watch this movie. I'd just like to see if anyone else feels the same way. I dig the movie, but if it isn't going to entertain, it should've just been a documentary. I'm not saying every movie should have a happy ending, but to me, the purpose of a movie is to entertain, educate, or inspire. This movie does none of the above. I'm not disrespecting the film, the actors, or the people it was made about. I just don't know what there intentions were with making the film. I know what you're thinking, I'm just hating because Tyler Perry was involved. This isn't the case. You know what makes my argument even worse? I didn't watch the entire film. Once the film got to a point where I KNEW, I repeat, KNEW Precious's life couldn't get better; I turned it off. I would tell you the part I'm talking about, but there maybe people who didn't see it. I'm not saying that gaining peace of mind wouldn't lead to a life getting better, but you can't be inspired by the acceptance of mediocrity or complacency. It reminds me of the Catholic church convincing slaves that if they put up with life here, they have a better one waiting for them in paradise. This post probably should've waited until I saw the entire movie and it will probably piss off a lot of folks, but I hope it makes you watch it and discuss what you see. But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

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The Diva Principle said...

Yessirr, you did put a roar up my rump!

I do agree with you in that, there's very little about this movie that would qualify as "feel good". The movie might not have been entertaining, but it certainly was educating and inspirational for many many reasons.

The movie is simply "realism". It amazes me how we are so quick to sit and watch all those dumb ass reality shows about dumb ass people but can't sit and watch "realism" and focus on the inspiration of a woman overcoming an abusive battle.

When I first saw your post and trailer regarding this movie, I said yessirr "I can't wait...

When the show came out, I ran to box office checking times for show. To know prevail might I add, the damn movie never even made it here. Not only did the show not make it here, but all I heard was negative reviews! hmmm, I wonder why?

Here's my thoughts and reasons to why:
#1. people don't like truth
#2. people don't like to be uncomfortable
#3. people don't like to feel sad, depressed, brutual, or angry
#4. this movie brought out all types of emotions. Emotions that doesn't make people feel good about themselves or others.
#5. Reality it pushes your nerve and forces you to feel what is normally hidden in our culture. Her world was dark, gloomy

The movie within itself was very inspiring. We are talking about a young women whose life was invaded by every type of brutal cruelty imagainable done by her family and the world.

She survived and she perserverd. She demonstrated bravery as well as a strong spirit that SOAR! The movie showed empowerment and gave great source of hope for other women going through the same craziness.

Rolling Stone Magazine - summed it up the best: When I tell people how good this movie is - and I can't shut up about it - they flash me the stink eye. As in "Yeah, right, like I need to sink into a depression coma for two hours watching a fat, illiterate, HIV-positive Harlem girl get knocked up (twice) by her daddy, brutally battered by her mother and laughed at by a world eager to pound abuse on her 16-year-old ass." Won't you dickheads be surprised. Precious ... tunnels inside your head, leaves you moved like no film in years and then lifts you up in ways you don't see coming. Despite the pain at the story's core, the movie has a spirit that soars.

Defintely not a "feel good movie" but if you want REALITY...oops there it is and that's the real world for a lot of women!

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