Monday, October 29, 2007

If I believed in......

If I believed in evil, here are the top five things that would qualify.

1. Organized Religion
2. The single minded pursuit of money
3. The Nightly News
4. Paparazzi
5. Critics
6. The Flavor Of Love Seasons 1, 2, & beyond (Including the reunion shows)
7. Overtly materialistic, misogynistic, unoriginal, & pointlessly violent, rap music
8. People who really "Don't Give A Fuck" about anyone or anything
9. Prison
10. War
11. Reality Shows (Except for The Real World: O.G. status)
12. The movie, "My Girl" with Dan Akroyd & Maculy Culkin
13. Paris Hilton

Feel free to add your own suggestions to the list.

But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?


Anonymous said...

Here's my top five:
1. Disbelief in God
2. No respect for mankind or lyfe
3. People who have a form of
Godliness but deny the power
of God
4. Myspace
5. Lyfe without purpose

That is, if I believed in evil and I do. Good topic, keep it up!

Anonymous said...

my top
1. people who try get you to believe how they believe.
2. president bush
3. ignorance
4. religion, not spirituality
5. complacency

Mike said...

First, which of your ten choices are in your Top Five?

Second, my choices:

1) Religious fundamentalism: Christian, Islamic, Hindi, Jewish, it doesn't matter. Extremism and rigidity in faith on earth doesn't make you holier than me--just more dangerous to all.

2)Ignorance: Example: reading letters to the editor where the writers don't know the difference between Fascism [what we fought against in WW2} and Communism [our Cold War opposite]. There are definite distinctions, but you have to know that, first.

3) Apathy: Acting out of self-interest is at least action. To do nothing is to give up, often leaving the field of struggle to the cynical. Just what Karl Rove wanted as part of his dream of a conservative Republican majority party.

4)Lack of Praxis: Action is good, but it needs its partner, reflection. To do without considering the consequences is as bad as doing nothing, and worse yet, unreflective action creates ripples of reaction. Case in point: "Saddam is bad, the Iraqis are not free, therefore invading Iraq and toppling Saddam is a good thing." As H. L. Mencken said: "For every complex problem there is a solution that is simple, neat, and wrong." Do, then reflect and learn=praxis.

5)Lack of social imagination "We've always done it that way" is an excuse, not an ideology. At one time, people in power, temporally and spiritually, believed that royalty was divinely inspired and that enslaving people was justified. Imagining a world of new relationships and understandings is a first step. Of course, it is a power so great that it can only be used for good or evil. Hitler had a dream too.

6) Violence is not a tool, once used, it is its own ideology. Violent acts cannot bring peace or progress. The death penalty is an act of vengeance. No state that kills people for killing is seeing a reduction in violence. World War II with its tens of millions of dead only brought the lesson that big wars kill people very fast, so small wars, conducted by proxies like the Koreans, the Vietnamese, the X fundamentalists, are less of a public relations problem. In Burma, there are mothers fighting the military government with nonviolence. They aren't winning yet, but when they do, their legacy will be self-sacrifice on behalf of human rights without the blood vengeance that arises when Irish Republican, Shia, Sunni, Hutu, Tutse bombs seek "liberation".

Okay, so the Top Six of Evils for me:

1) Religious Fundamentalism
2) Ignorance
3) Apathy
4)Lack of Praxis
5) Lack of Social Imagination

Anonymous said...

1. people who don't call back
2. people who don't show up
3. people who don't call back
4. people who don't show up
5. people who hurt my friends

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