Thursday, December 6, 2007

Rappers & Atheletes

I was posed an interesting question today and I didn't really have a good answer. I case some of you didn't know there is a popular myth/assumption/discrepancy/rumor/lie that successful black men always go for white women. With that being said; here is the question: "Why do Black athletes seem to date white women, but Rappers never do?" Do you know? I don't. It's a pretty good question to kick around. But that's just my opinion though, And who the hell am I?


Anonymous said...

WOW...have we not learned to overcome? It is a new millenium and is our differences still "judged by the color of our skin and not the content of our character"? I personally advocate/believe/holdfast/stand by/support the premise that love can conquer all. Who you choose to love matters not, whether black/white, old/young (legal age limits), plump/thin, but rather does that person genuinely complement and complete you. Are the two of you not only, as Fabulous would say, "a movement by myself but a force when we're together" or are you just going through the motions to make a statement that doesn't really make sense at all. In this world of hatred, love is an amazing perspective, and skin tones are not the means by which to judge. What the hell do I know but here's one example of Rappers accepting regardless: Public Enemy, Flav'O Flav. One more topic for thought, who knows what goes on behind closed doors; public appearances can be very deceiving.

Anonymous said...

Simple answer...peple love and share their lives with whom they love, irregardless of what others think/feel/imply, unconditionally!

Anonymous said...

Do you see what I see? Whats amazing is how the pictures shown of the rappers/atheletes and their mates they all complement one another.

"They look great together" and I'm sure what one can't do the other can do....I'm sure they are both walking in the same direction (at least for now) wanting to fufill the same goal.

Race has nothing to do with why one person chooses to be with another. Love is unconditional and love at its finest shares a heart. When you love somebody, the color of their skin host no reflection on choosing a companion.

The mate that you choose should balance, complement, and complete you. There is so much more to a good quality relationship than how you look. What about are you walking in the same path? What about: can that person help you reach your purpose and destiny? How about: Does that person when together enchance your skills, gifts and talents? When two become one theirs nothing but power! Relationship is about love, respect, honor, purpose, compatibility, enchancement, growth and destiny.

My man will have all the qualities that I'm missing. He will need to respect love and adore me, teach, show and help me to "better" myself and I will him. He will be my king and Im his queen. We will offset and balance one another. My thoughts and ideas will enhance his skills and talents and vice versa.

We will be compatible in areas that concern us but we will have our differences where we can learn, grow and enchance each other. I will look "outstanding with him and he will look "outstanding" with me. We make each other look good.

One thing for sure, Regardless of the color of his/her skin the saying speaks for itself "BEHIND EVERY GOOD MAN, THERE IS A GOOD WOMAN".

Damn, somethings never do change or do they?

Anonymous said...

Where's your picture of P-Diddy and J-Lo? She's not black and he is a rapper. Though not a couple anymore, they were for a very long time.

Anonymous said...

I actually prefer "behind every good man, there is an even better woman!"

Anonymous said...

Ice-T & Coco

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