Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Why Not?

Today I head from three different people today, that racism is dead. The actual way they put it was racism doesn't actually effect anyone anymore and if you don't believe it; ask someone someone in between the ages of 19-40. One of them was black. I'm not sure if i live in the same world as these people. I see subtle things like the way people suddenly put on their best ethnic accent went they talk to me, or blatant things like the cancellation of a Multi-Cultural Day Celebration at a predominantly white school. I think that most of the time people manipulate themselves into believing that it has gone away so that they don't have to face latent and institutional racism that is a part of everyday life in america. With the guidance of the infinitely wise Jane Elliot, I decided to post ways that white people can combat racism. I know that you're probably wondering why I'm only addressing white people. That's because, MY definition of racism is when a group of people use prejudice and ignore to prevent another people from doing or being something. Since black people in this country do not have the power to prevent anyone from doing anything; they cannot be racist. I also excluded black people because we do not have the luxury of "not knowing how to act" around white folks. Just speaking for my self and all of my friends, from birth we've been around white folks. We had to learn. I now several white people who didn't have any interaction with black folks until college. That blows my mind.

Here is the list of what white folks can do:

1. Aggressively seek out more information in an effort to enhance my own awareness and understanding of racism (talking with others, reading, listening).

2. Spend some time recently looking at my own racist attitudes and behaviors as they contribute to or combat racism around and within me.

3. Reevaluate my use of terms, phrases or behaviors that may be perceive by others as degrading or hurtful.

4. Openly confront a racist comment, joke or, action among those around you.

5. Make a personal contract to myself to take positive stand against racism even at some possible risk, when the chance occurs.

6. Suggest and take steps to implement discussions or workshops aimed at understanding and eliminating racism with friends, colleagues, social clubs, and church groups.

7. Use my school or place of employment as a target for my educational efforts in responding to racism.

8. Become seriously dissatisfied with my own level of activity in combating racism.

9. Realize that as a White Americans I am trapped by my own schools, homes, media, government, families, etc., even when they choose not to be openly racist.

10. End affiliations with organizations which are racist in their membership requirements.

11. Subscribe to a publication which will educate me in the area of a culture other than my own, leave copies of that publication in sight where my friends and associates might see it and/or question my interest in it.

I believe that these things will work, and if implemented by every white american that reads this; true change will come to pass. But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

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