Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Faggots & Whores

Lately, I've noticed these two words making a weird metamorphosis. It reminds me of the N word and all of the changes it's gone through. I don't think either of these words have the historical sting and bite that the N word has but they're getting there. Growing up, I knew these definitions: Faggot- A homosexual man, Whore- A woman who gets paid for sex. Lately these words have shifted in their meaning. Faggot still has the horrible homophobia foundation, but a added twist has been it's use to describe a weak man. As a matter of fact, that is the way that I hear it used most often. But what does that say about our perception of gay men? Do we instinctively think they are weak because they are gay? Is a feminine man, any less of a man than a macho one? I take great pride in being a man and I've chosen to define a man by action and intention, instead of biology and bravado. Unfortunately, society differs. A man with a limp wrist or one who enjoys the intimate company of another man is considered less of a man; than one who beats his woman or doesn't protect or provide for his family.
Whore is even worse. This word is used to instantly bring a woman down. A woman would be called a if she had only slept with one person and didn't charge. I've seen this happen more than once. I woman could just be suspected of sleeping with some one and that next time she is seen out, she is greeted with, "You whore!" In that example, the woman doesn't even have to be sleeping with anyone to get the slur hurled at her.
It brings me to the conclusion that society has morphed these words in order to point out that the quickest way to hurt a man is to attack his strength, and the quickest way to hurt a woman is to attack her morals. Both are cruel and hurtful words, both strip away the human-ness from a person, and both paint the accuser with a extra thick coat of ignorance. But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

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Crystal said...

Honestly, I don't feel that "whore" is that degrading of a term. I have heard it said (and used it) in a joking manner several times, and have not seen any offense taken. It is my observation that the only women who take offense to being called a whore are those who suspect that they are one. I'll agree that its not a nice thing to call someone, but I dont think its that big of a deal.

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