Thursday, November 8, 2007

Chris Rock on Rap

Here is a quote from Chris Rock. I think this man is a comedic genius and a very intelligent black man.

“Music kind of sucks. Nobody’s into being a musician. Everybody’s getting their mogul on. You’ve been so infiltrated by this corporate mentality that all the time you’d spend getting great songs together, you’re busy doing nine other things that have nothing to do with art. You know how shitty Stevie Wonder’s songs would have been if he had to run a fuckin’ clothing company and a cologne line?… Rap sucks, for the most part. Not all rap, but as an art form it’s just not at its best moment. Sammy the Bull would have made a shitty album. And I don’t really have a desire to hear Warren Buffett’s album - or the new CD by Paul Allen. That’s what everybody’s aspiring to be.”

I think Chris was 100% on point, What do you think?

But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Rap may not be at it's greatest in terms of art form, but rap has reached a whole new level in today's society. The masses can better relate there4 not only generating better sales and more jobs but also enabling the ability to convey messages in a whole new way for the upcoming generation. Rap has also reached other level audiences that prior may not have given attention to the rap/hip-hop movement. I think rappers do a bomb job at aspiring to be themselves and if that includes a varied degree of entrepreneurship then more power to the people. Does rap send a negative message? There have always been negative messages sent within society but I believe the tables have turned in a more positive light for a better understanding of where have we come from; and where are we going. Rappers are just tryin to tell a story, sell a story, and spit the truth. The audience must be willing to hear, appreciate, and learn from the life. Word.

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