Saturday, November 3, 2007

American Gangster

I just got back from watching American Gangster and I was thoroughly disappointed in the movie. It was too long and it didn't seem to have any climax or depth to it. It didn't tell you anything about Frank Lucas except he sold dope and got caught. The writing was horrible and the director shouldn't work again. Apparently his best days are behind him. If they didn't want to glamorize the life of Frank Lucas they should've made a documentary or steered the film to focus on the lives he ruined. More than a couple scenes of some OD'ers. With that cast, it could've been so much better. I have no fault with Denzel. He just didn't have anything to work with. The dialogue was non-existent. I mean really, he's great but even Denzel can't carry a movie with a few angry outbursts and several scenes of him staring off in deep thought. It was like they were scared to tell his story, for fear of glamorization, so they summarized his life and went straight to the consequences. It's like they forgot that movies should entertain first, and then teach the moral and/or educational lesson. Maybe the movie should've been titled, "The Demise of Frank Lucas: An American Gangster". Then you would've known what you were getting. I feel like I was tricked by the slick title, solid director, and all-star cast. The title set me up, the director let me down, and the cast did the best that they could with little or nothing to work with. I feel like I finally got a ticket to see my favorite pro team play at home, and they got beat 77-0; but that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

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Mike said...

There is a documentary out about Frank Lucas and his rival Nicky Barnes. By out, I mean just released along with American Gangster.
Both films were reviewed on Friday on Morning Edition, on NPR (

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