Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happiness is Singular

I have found out that no one or nothing can make another person happy. People make themselves happy. Others lessen or intensify the way a person already feels. If you are lucky, you will encounter a person that reminds you of the good things that are inside of you. Just don't fall intro the trap of believing that you are responsible for someone else's happiness. Some people are just content with a life of misery and or confusion. If you have met someone or are involved with someone, a fundamental truth that you must embrace is that you cannot control their happiness. This may sound like old news but it all depends on the context in which you look at it. If you have ever told yourself a phrase that sounds like this, "Maybe he/she will be happy if I....."; then you should re-read the first line. To quote NFL coach Dennis Green, most people "are who we thought they were", personality-wise. A miserable person is just that; as miserable person. The reasons why they are miserable, or whether or not they even know they are miserable is a completely different post. All you can do productively in the lives of someone like that is to make their lives less miserable. You can't remove the misery. You can just lessen it. If you're in this position, I hope that's enough for you. It wouldn't be for me. But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?


lori said...

I agree with your premise; the only person’s outlook on life that anyone has any control over is their own. Hope you feel lucky enough to have someone who reminds you of the good things inside of you. . . and you believe them, to refer to one of your earlier posts.

Anonymous said...

Ron, I certainly agree with you in that "we are responsible for our own happiness". But, I'm a little bit confused.

You always stressed to me, that misery loves company.

You say - "You are what you keep and if someone is miserable its because they choose to be miserable".

So, which is it? If misery loves company and If a person is trying to make another individual happy and that person understands that they can't; then does that make the person miserable by staying around the individual.

HAPPINESS is within; its a content notion inside you that even when all your surrounds are bleek you are still happy being you.

You have to know yourself, your emotions, your thoughts and feel comfortable being you with your flaws, uniqueness and gitters.

You have to BELIEVE that you are special and amazing and not be afraid to feel.

Just me being a little confused.

Anonymous said...

Singularity and "peculiar ality"..."Aint that peculiar"....

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