Saturday, February 2, 2008

Uncle Murda

I have to write about another phenomenon in Hip-Hop that has me a bit unnerved. There is a new up and coming rapper that is forcing rap music to take a few steps back. His name is Uncle Murda. He is signed to Def Jam and is linked to the Roca-fella family. My problems with the MC are obvious.
1.) His name is Uncle Murda and he is one of those MCs who pride themselves on being, and keeping it, real. He was a well know and documented trigger man/ stick-up kid before picking up the mic. Of the few tracks and mixtapes that I have heard from him, he doesn't shy away from the topic of killing and often says how willing he is to do it.

2.) He is always talking about how he "really did shoot niggas" or how he'll "kill a muthafucka like it is nothing".

3.) He recently got shot in his head and lived. I have no problem with that. Afterwards he released a track entitled, "Hard To Kill" ,where he talks about how he got shot in the head. There was no regret or talk of being on the wrong path or anything to sway a person from going that route. In fact, he says the phrase, "I got shot in the head" at least 10 times. Sounds a little glamorization to me.

He is an amazingly talented MC but I'm not sure if this is the path NWA, Ice Cube, or Ice T expected gangsta to head in. Maybe I'm just an old guy venting about young cats, or maybe I'm just too far detached from the streets; but this doesn't sit right with me. But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?


Anonymous said...

I haven't heard any of Uncle Murda's cuts but I was once told the best rappas (actually all lyricists)should speak what they know about, the truth as they know it, as they have lived it, deviance from their truth brings merk to the game. In a sense i suppose that keeps them honest, keeps them feeling alive and prideful, a sense of it glammorizing? The MAFIA glammorized and Badda Boo-Vegas babay!! So from an ARTIST perspective, he may be practicing the Art of Withstanding Struggles or the Art of Beating the Odds, whichever the case it is his art and you do seem to respect that fact...but ima try and give it a listen...good lookin out...peace

Anonymous said...

never too far from the streets...a paycheck away!

Anonymous said...

Mos Def ain't feelin' it either, bruh.

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