Monday, December 1, 2008

Cruelty vs Beauty

I was watching the Brittany Spears show on MTV last night(don't ask, because I don't know), and there was a point near the end where she said that life has shown her the most beautiful things and the cruelest things. That got me thinking. Which of those experiences last with a person the longest? Cruelty or Beauty? I ask each one of you to think back and remember the cruelest thing that you've ever seen. It probably didn't take long before an image jumped into your head. Now think of the most beautiful thing you have ever experienced. If you are like me, there was a ton of thoughts and images rushing through your mind at this time. It was very difficult for me to focus on one. I did, but not as fast as it took me think of the cruelty. This is why I wanted to ask. Is my ability to single out a cruelty so quickly an indication that cruelty stays with me longer; or is the fact that I was flooded with beauty, an indication that I cling to it more and it must be more impactful. Both of them seem to stop you dead in your tracks when you see a genuine example. Hopefully you are inspired by the beauty and attempt to recreate ; and repulsed by the cruelty and attempt to avoid it. As for the question of which one stays with you longer; I'm still at a loss. I just don't know the answer. I am open to suggestion, but that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

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