Friday, June 12, 2009

2 Ways

I've found that there are only two things that seem to leave me hurt, confused, and open for emotions like anger, or depression, and revenge. Those two things are: 1.) When I am purposely hurt by someone I care about: emotionally or physically 2.) When life gives me an extra dose of adversity.

I have come up with two effective ways to handle these situations. They are more like mindsets that help me through it. Survive & Forgive. One of these mindsets should allow me to handle anything. So far, it's worked like a charm. Let me explain:

Survive- Endure, Understand, and make the transition from victim to survivor. This works best in situations where you have no control, and are practically unaware of what is happening to you. As much as we would like these situation to never happen, they do. Some things are just too big and seem to crush us down into the ground. Childhood, Whether or not a job hires you, Whether or not someone loves you, Illness, Death, and Natural Disasters fall into this category.

Forgive- Acceptance of the fact that all things that come to you, were asked for, are positive, and can make you a better human being. This is the key to divinity in my eyes. You are so much closer to perfection and God flattering behavior when you look to forgive when faced with harm. It is so human and natural to reach for revenge, and punishment. If we can train ourselves to think this way, I am certain we will get one step closer to an inspiring existence. An existence that will bring others to us by attraction instead of promotion. I really believe this. i believe it so much that I may do something crazy like tattoo these principles on my skin. But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

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Anonymous said...

Your words are utterly inspiring, uplifting, and motivational: a true humanitarian approach to a philosophical, spiritual awakening.

I am a firm believer in the forgive aspect, wholeheartedly! If you don't learn to forgive you only harbour hatred in your heart AND we are all aware of what hatred can cause. You must also learn to forgive yourself and that can be the hardest of all....something that I am working on personally, it's tough.

The survive, well let's see, I agree in the no victim philosophy and you must survive instead. We must refuse to become a victim of circumstance(s). I guess I have learned to survive many obstacles in life as well and I definitely do not like to be a victim, not my nature. There are those whom rise from the label of victim and succeed so to them it has been a support system, so in a sense they have "survived" the victimization, I may presume.
This is absolutely my favorite post...So much me...I got some body space left for this important message as well...GRAND OPINION!!!

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