Thursday, June 18, 2009


So I found out something today that was really disturbing. Browns receiver Donte' Stallworth, is receiving 30 days for killing someone in a drunk driving accident. I have no actual feelings about that verdict. No opinion at all. Michael Vick just did 2 years for killing dogs. 30 days. 2 years. How'd you like to be the victim's family in the Stallworth case? I know that most of you will say, "But Vick was involved in a federal conspiracy. It was more than killing dogs." No it wasn't. I only say that because there has been no other arrests. I find it hard to believe that Michael Vick was the Kingpin/Linchpin for the entire dogfighting underground in this country and it stopped with his arrest. The message that I take away from this is that a dogs life is worth more than a human's life. Some of you may believe that, and for you, I hope that when you are in need of help and the ambulance pulls up, and a bunch of dogs hop out to help you. Or when you go in for emergency surgery, A Golden Lab is the doctor on-call. As most of you know, I wasn't born with that animal loving gene. I have been working on it though. But incidents like the Mike Vick thing and PETA's statement about President Obama killing a fly(Google it), make it hard. I just couldn't imagine being Mike Vick and seeing the sentence handed down to Mr. Stallworth. Many of you agree wholeheartedly with the Vick Verdict, but I would expect you people to be the first ones asking for Mr. Stallworth to be getting at least 2 years. I bet PETA will not be outside of his court hearings though. They are more interested with the ethical treatment of animals than that of people. At the end of the day, Donte' Stallworth took the life of a human being and has forever effected the members of that family. Michael Vick killed several dogs and was involved in a conspiracy that has killed even more dogs. Even the worst, most unproductive human being has the constant potential to change people around him, for the better; with one choice. Even if that person never acts on it; I would stack a pile of dead dogs 3 miles high, before I would sacrifice that human beings life. But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

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Susan said...

The thing is that these 2 cases were not tried or sentenced by the same jury or the same judge nor prosecuted by the same prosecutor. that's got a lot to do with the variences in the verdicts and punishment, and that's what people need to keep into prospective, however, i agree, a dog's life is NOT worth more than a human's. With that said though, i feel the Stallworth case is the case obviously lacking the respect for a human life. The sentence should have been WAY stiffer. But, Michael Vick, and everyone directly involved with that horrible display of animal abuse did need punished, the law is the law like it or not, and it was illegal. That is the bottom line, whether you give 2 craps about animals or not. I read your previous blog regarding Vick and kept my almost completely opposite opinion to myself. It was difficult for me, but I did. Animal abuse will always be a touchy subject because of the tree huggers who think that because I like a good juicy chicken leg that I contribute to animal abuse. I am all for HUMANELY killing animals for a good meal, but am definitely against the heart renching, evil abuse that goes into dog fighting. So I guess in some aspects I agree with you and others I don't. Which is OK. But before anyone judges another, we should all keep in mind the Good Book says one sin is no greater than another. Everyone will answer for the life they chose to live.
On a lighter note, a part of your blog reminded me a story I once heard.
A friend of mine's neighbor had a pet duck. Just like anyone may keep and love a dog or cat. One morning she found her beloved duck lifeless in the front yard and rushed him to vet. The vet examed her dear pet and found him to be beyond help. She begged the vet to run tests, that there must something that could be done. So the vet obliged her feelings of sorrow and brought in a Labrador retriever who hopped up on the table and looked the duck over. He turned to the vet and sorrwofully shook and hung his head. The vet said the dog agrees ma'am. The lady begged for something more accurate, not willing to let go. The vet left and came back with a beautiful Persian cat that also hopped up on the table, sniffed the duck over and had the same sorrowful reaction as the dog. The vet assured the distraught owner that her duck was indeed departed. As he escorted her to the front desk he said I am sorry to ask during this difficult time but that will be $500. To which she exclaimed FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS!?!?!?! To tell me my duck is dead? The vet replied, well had you taken my word for it, it would have been free, but when you add $250 each for Lab work and Cat scan.........!!!! hahahahahahaha

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