Friday, August 28, 2009

What To Do?

Thanks to the good people at Blogger, I just got an e-mail that informed me, my Ex of 6 years is blogging again on the blog I set up for her. I couldn't resist, so I clicked the link. In the post, she describes how happy she is in her new marriage. I should've stopped reading right there, but I didn't. The part that messed me up is where she described her new husband. She described him, in the post, the same way she described me in a letter she wrote to me. Half of the reason I fell for her was those amazing letters that she wrote me. I know it's weird that I still have those letters, but I got rid of them today. It was straight cut and paste. She talked about my smile, how sexy she thought I was, how she loved how I stand and walk, and how she loved the width and arch of my back. When she wrote it to me, I was swept off my feet. It was a little tough to hear her saying the same things VERBATIM about the guy that she kicked me out for. Felt like another kick to the stomach. Check it out. The site is:
My question is this, should I say anything or let sleeping dogs lie? She doesn't call and downtalk me anymore. She doesn't text me about Brett Michaels and David Blaine anymore. She sounds pretty happy. But, there is the side of me that wants to put her on blast and post some ignorant shit on her site. I know it wont bring her back to me and that isn't even what I want; but I haven't progressed enough as a human being to where I don't want to hurt someone who has hurt me that bad. I'm confused, hurt, and ready to hurt someone else. Let me know what you think. When you answer, if you answer, post what you think I SHOULD do and what YOU WOULD do. Sometimes those are two different things. But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?


Crystal said...

Thats rough. There is nothing worse than recycled sweet talk. Before I answer, though, I have a few statements to make/questions to ask. Why is she singing the praises of her man on a blog? Its one thing to say your husband is great or that he makes you happy, but why go on and on like that for the public to read? Sounds like she's trying to prove something. And how did you come across her blog? If you were looking for it you should have known you would open up old wounds by seeing anything associated with her. But it's okay, we all do that, for some reason we humans like to poke at our own injuries. I guess its to see if it still hurts.

As for what I think you should do. You should take the high road. I know revenge is sweet and you would like to inflict some sort of pain on her, but would that really help you feel better? All it would do is make you look like a childish asshole. (Kinda like our good friend "anonymous" that I had to lay the verbal smackdown on.) And it would just give her another reason not to feel bad for hurting you. As for what I would do? Exactly what I told you to do - take the high road. I got burned so bad by the ex that all I wanted to do was hurt him and his girlfriend as much as possible (physically and emotionally). But I knew that someone had to be the adult and not make things any worse than they already were. Plus I wanted to set a good example for my son. Sometimes all you have left is your dignity, I wouldnt let her take that away from you. Keep your head up - some day things like that will just make you laugh.

Adria said...

Hurts, doesn't it? To have to hear someone you love/loved compliment and put someone else on a pedestal,and know that they are giving themselves to that person. It just isn't that cool. I agree with Crystal, the high road is probably the best road to take. I am sure it is easier said than done.

Crystal said...

It is a hell of alot easier said than done. But after some time passes you will be glad you did. That way, once the pain fades away, you can look back and be proud of the way you handled yourself.

Tamara said...

I keep telling people those emotional scars creep longer than physical injuries. People look at physical violence, can see it, and demand things be done; the emotional drama is wayside, but indeed the hardest to endure.
With that said, here's what you should do (in your own words...): Progress as a human being.
I don't think blogging or any type of verbal bantering will truly make you feel better. In fact, it makes you stoop to her level.
Contemplate this:If those good people at Blogger informed you, bet she knew they would. Woman can be cunning. She stopped calling you but she has found another route. Block that route baby...don't let her through.
What would I do? The exact same thing...block that route. I would also search my soul for the "reasons" I continue to allow this torture into my life. Because that's what we do...we ALLOW.
The easy way is to reach out and hurt, the better way is to resolve. Resolve this misfortune forever. Move on, move up, and smile all the way!!
If you need some, you know what to do....the width and arch of your back sounds like it comes straight from someone else's poetic justice not specifically designed for "her" one man in mind, doesn't even sound like "her" words to be quite honest...don't be fooled by words...she is definitely trying to get a rise out of you still...don't fall for it..CUZ if you fall for everything you stand for nothin'! - something like that :) Good Luck!!

Anonymous said...

What should you do, you ask??? You should start off by apologizing to her (your ex) for all of the turmoil you put her through!! You should own up to the fact that YOU WERE WRONG and come clean about the fact that you were unfaithful to her throughout most of the relationship - if you want to call it that - with more than one person! After the way you disrespected her in her own home, it serves you right that she left your ass high & dry for a REAL man! Maybe you should be a man and admit that you were just as at fault as she was for the failed relationship!And by the way, I recall your side of the "story" was that YOU were leaving HER and that she wasn't "OK with it"! I know it to be true that this is what you were telling most. And now here you are doing what you do best - the ole "poor me" "woe is me" "poor Ron" "someone feel sorry for me"! The truth behind this post is just to manipulate more weak females into falling for the okey doke - the Ron Scott song & dance ( or should I say act ). You have your nerve pretending to be miffed about her using the same lines on you as her new husband. That's your M.O. - using the same lines to pose as a "put together gentleman" who hides that he's JUST LIKE the rest behind his shirt & tie and bogus organizations! So whatever man, I'm just sayin, I dig you - LOL! What a joke! I hope your ex is reading because I APPLAUD her! She is a real woman who has obviously found her REAL MAN. One last tidbit for your reading enjoyment: your ex probably meant all those things that she said to you in the letters - the difference is he delivered - you FAILED!!!

Anonymous said...

Breaking up is hard to do. I personally had a relationship end and we were both at fault. She more than I, but it was me in the end who cheated and never cared how she would feel at the time. I saw her on myspace with her new lover and it hurt really bad. Her smile was so genuine, and she looked more happy than she ever was with me.

You should let it hurt, feel the pain, so you can get over it once and for all. Acknowledge that it hurts, and you may have let the best thing you've known up until this point of your life go. Once the pain is gone take inventory. Think of the things that you did wrong, and learn from them, so when the next one comes along you will know how to treat her,love her, care for her, support her. You also need to define what you are looking for in a woman.

As for now let her go, wish her the best, and most importantly FORGIVE, yourself and her, so you do not become bitter.

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