Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Passion Installation

Where has all the passion gone? Especially with the young people. This question popped into my mind after I watched a film called Cadillac Records. The film wasn't about young people or really about passion; but one scene stuck in my mind. One of the film's main characters, Muddy Waters, was shown recording a record out of the back of a truck. Once the record was done, the man played it for Muddy and he said it was like hearing himself for the first time. He was so taken by this record, that he packed up his guitar and walked from down south to Chicago. I have a tough time getting youngsters nowadays to sit in advisory period for 15 minutes, much less walk somewhere. I think that the world needs more drive and determination like that. Imagine how much could get done with that type of sacrifice and focus. It really hits home when I ask young people what they wanna do with their life and I get hit with the two answers that make my stomach hurt. 1.) Sleep. Or my other favorite 2.) Start A Business. I'm not sure what it is, but something needs cultivated in our young people so they can stop being so surface, and begin to dream imagine and strive again. Money shouldn't be a motivator for a kid either. I'd love to see some moved be respect, praise, applause, fame, or just plain fun. I'm not sure that the young folks that I run into have any want or desire to change the world or even their immediate settings. They wanna learn how to live in it. They are a nation of survivors instead of a group dreamers. Young people need passion, possibilities, and a push. Hope is never wasted on the young or youthful. It is our job to lift burdens from young folk and start installing some passion. Cultivate any and every option that a kid expresses interest in; as long as it is off the beat and path. Don't discourage a kid that tells you I wanna be in the NBA, or NFL, or I wanna join the service; but be sure to get 100% behind a child or young person that wants to be a Display Person, A Chef, A Carpenter, A Film Maker, A Decorator, A Engineer, or A Florist. Encourage creativity and free thought, and this complexion and mood of society will change unrecognizably. But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?


Tamara said...

Passion is good but we must also learn to instill self-confidence/self-worth. We have become a society of high expectations void of mediocre praise.
Each child is different and each child posesses an inalienable, undeniable gift. This is what needs to be nurtured. Often we, as parents, family, friends, community, attempt to change and form rather than nurture.
We should encourage a child's perspective.
I have four children and they are each unique. I have encouraged their choosen direction whether I personally understood or wanted it for them; for even though we are given the pleasure of raising children, we must first nurture their identity. It is important in the growing and development of humans.
It matters not what path my children choose, it matters that I helped make a positive difference in their journey; that my love and guidance is immeasurable and unconditional with no boundaries.
Although I may be a bit biased, I believe I have helped raise four talented, respectful, and determined children; each taking a strong stand in their own world. Growing in their own direction, achieving their goals, whether it be the actor, philosopher, athlete, teacher, chef, model, or any other ideal they may decide to incorporate.
What a wonderful life I have, to be entrusted with such vitality!!

Crystal said...

It is our misfortune that in our field of work most of the young people we come across are not taught to dream about their future, but to survive their present. While it is a nice idea, telling someone he can be whatever he wants, the harsh reality is that they must first learn how to live from day to day. What good is it to encourage someone's dream of becoming an NFL star when he can't finish high school? Or to be a chef when he can't boil noodles? While I agree that young folks should have goals and dreams that the adults in their life should support and nurture, I believe that it is our job to teach them the fundamentals of everday life. The biggest problem with either is that too many teenagers lack desire. They dont have a dream, and they dont want to be taught anything either. I haven't had a teen tell me that he wants to start his own business. The ones that desire any kind of future plan on using what they've seen on the streets, on TV, in music videos, make a living. It is perfectly acceptable for the young men to want to be "ballers" or young ladies to become strippers. You and I both know that fulfilling a dream takes hard work. This generation wants to take the easy way out. I know I sound jaded, but I am just stating what I witness daily. I do have hope, though, that more young people will realize that hard work pays off and want more for themselves. So I will continue to teach them the skills they need and try to set a good example.

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