Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Enemy We Seek

This may sound weird, but I have been thinking about the danger of comfort. I don't think it is always a good thing. I'm not ready to designate it a Schedule 1 word, but it is a little scary sometimes. The instances where comfort scares me are, the times where a human being is put in life threatening or traumatic circumstances for a prolonged period of time. Human beings adapt. It may be hard for you and I to realize, but people who live in war torn countries or neighborhoods immersed in constant violence, sleep at night. It may not be the best sleep, but they feel comfortable enough to fall asleep. They also cook breakfast, good to work, have sex, raise families, and go to church. Once a person has achieved a level of comfort in a situation like that, I feel that the rest is downhill. You begin to equate comfort with familiarity and familiarity with home. So what happens when you get home sick? My theory is, "What you get comfortable with, you eventually seek for comfort." If you grew up in chaos and dysfunction, you then seek chaos and dysfunction for familiarity and comfort. It is a subtle thing at times but if you look really hard, you can see it more often than not. Be careful what you let into your comfort zone, because it may be difficult to move it out. That's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?


LadyTruth said...

I agree for the most part. But, lets look at the comfort zone another way.

Over time, I think we all gather a set of our own constricting habits. Ones that trap us in a zone of supposed comfort. In reality, that comfort could be entitled "SUFFERING ZONE".

Regardless of the habit it becomes comfortable to us and this makes our thought pattern determine how and what we can and cannot do.

The sad thing is, as long as we let these habitual behavior /thoughts rule us, we'll be stuck in a rut.

Comfort zone to me expresses a need to break away. I recently stepped out of comfort zone. Past ways of doing, thinking and behaving. My does it feel good.

I express to all who dares to listen, "CHANGE". “Change is what you do when you step beyond the barrier of your comfort zone.”
It's gonna require some action, though. You have to move! You can't stay in the same place and say you are not in your comfort zone any more.

I believe and found that comfort zones require change and breaking away. So, if you are stuck in a rut or feel like lyfe is passing you by move out of comfort zone.


In my opinion, it doesn't matter what has come into your comfort zone. Recognize it and leave it behind. Courage, positive mindset and action will be needed to make the move.

I encourage anyone today, to muster up enough courage to break away and step out!
This was a great topic....

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Schedule 1 word should be complacent not comfort

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