Monday, April 28, 2008

Where Is He Now?

I haven't posted much about music for a while so I thought I would make sure that I had something for you guys on that topic today. Being the avid hip-hop fan that I am, I'm always looking for that next fresh voice in Rap. I think I've found that in Saigon. This MC isn't new but he has never gained the exposure or the opportunity to let his voice and story be told. We have been teased with the promos of possible albums and those terrible words: "Coming Soon". Then he had a brief run on HBO's Entourage, but still nothing popped. He isn't what that picture leads you to believe: a loud ultra gangster-ish, misogynistic, ghetto kingpin. He is a very skilled lyricist and an amazingly poignant storyteller. He is giving substance to an art form that is wasting away. His past is littered with prison time for dope and gun cases; for those who are fans of keeping it real, but what I like most about this artist is his ability to bring you into his stories as if you where there with him. The perfect example of this is his song, "What A Life". In it, he takes you on tales of unanswered adventures and uses the end of the track to clear up any of the actions and attitudes he made during his verses. His wordplay and delivery are top notch and I hope one day I can see this young artist get his shot at letting the world get to know him. But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

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