Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Problem With Open Ventilation

Just like in the movie Spider-Man, Uncle Ben tells Peter, "With great power comes great responsibility". I've just recently found that "With great freedom comes great responsibility". The purposes of this blog are three fold. I'll list them in order of importance

1. To vent my feelings and frustrations in a safe way.
2. To Learn from other people's advice and experiences
3. To possibly teach/enlighten someone else by my opinions, outlooks, and perceptions.

Never has it been my intentions to hurt or upset anyone by the things that I've posted. I repeat; I've never meant to INTENTIONALLY hurt or upset someone. If it happens by chance, then so be it. This is in no way a retraction or apology for being me; nor is it the beginning of a safe, bland, vanilla, PC blog. I just know it would be wrong of me not to acknowledge when something that I've written or posted has hurt some one's feelings or made someone question themselves. It is an unwelcome part of the process; but it is part of the process. Free flowing opinionated thought, sometimes offends and upsets people. It's an occupational hazard. The cool part of all this is; people are reading my blog, and people give a damn about my opinion. Who would've thought? I promise those that read, nothing will change. No disclaimers. And to those who I've offended or hurt; I will never PURPOSEFULLY do it again.

I can't make any promises.

Also; when I find the rat bastard that sold me out; it's on. But that's just my opinion, though and who the hell am I?

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Anonymous said...

Just keep it real!

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