Thursday, May 29, 2008

MY 100TH POST!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a special occasion. A landmark in my amateur blogging career. This is my 100th post. There are a lot of people that I want to thank for helping me get here, but I don't like posting names over the net. The names tat I will post are the wonderful folks who have left comments on this site. I want to especially thank these people: Big Possum, Lady True2U, Wendy Lough, Lady Truth, Jennifer, Co-Jack, Lacey Peterson, Tammy, Osmianski, Mike, Mike Toothman, James Tubman, Sheila, Lori, Heartless, Mojaxs, Jaki, and Morelli. These people commented and on several posts and actually left their names. I appreciate your opinions and believe it or not each of you has taught me a thing or two, with your comments. I feel like we are family. Not that I dislike the Anonymous posts. Some of them have been incredibly insightful but it's nice to put a name with the comment. It seems to strengthen the connection. Out of all of the 100 posts, I'd have to say that my favorite ones were I Came In The Door, Said It Before.... , Disconnection Notice ,Better or Good ,Happiness is Singular , and The Artist formerly known as...... I don't have the space to list my favorite comments but trust me; there have been some good ones. For those of you that read: thank you so very much & please continue reading; and for those comment: Thank you even more. It might seem corny to you, but this is a very special moment for me. But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?


Anonymous said...

Congrats! I see that image so very very clear....I'm happy for you and this is just a steppin stone in the direction of success.

I C U:
Purposeful (if that is a word) I make words up sometimes :)
Image means everything and your on your way to writing your book! ICU

Anonymous said...

Maybe you will lose your ability to type and be stuck on 100. Look to the north to figure out who I am. Week 1 ride or die, Go Browns

lori said...

Congratulations! 100 posts strong. Just imagine where you will be, what you will have learned, and what perceptions you will have shared by the 200th post.

Anonymous said...

Cute pic. Did I tell you, how much I enjoy reading your post. I think, I forgot to mention and I do.

Wendy Lough said...

Hey Ron....thank you for that I think it is important that all of us can express ourselves and you truelly have a great sense of that in your blogs. I am happy to have been able to provide some of my own insights to a few of them...I hope to read more and learn from you as well:) Have a good one!!!

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