Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Case Of The HICK-ups

I know you may have been wondering about why I haven't been posting. Well, here's the story. I took my computer to a guy named Greg Hicks. All I took it there for was to get some more memory installed. THAT'S ALL. After he installed the memory, I got home and the computer crashed. Mr. Hicks then informed me that my motherboard was broken and He could fix it for the low low price of $300. Since I am shamefully dependent on my computer; I agreed. After he repaired the computer it looked like a brand new sleek, black, beautiful, computer. I was pumped. He also informed me that I had a 1 year warranty. I couldn't be happier. I rushed home, plugged the computer in, and it crashed again. I took it back to Greg Hicks and he fixed it again. Then he told me that the next time he has to fix the computer, he'll have to charge me. I was pretty heated about that, but I let it slide because I was just happy to be connected again. Low and behold, the computer crashed again. I say all of that, to say this: Don't be like Greg Hicks. If you can't do something, don't lie and say that you can; and for damn sure don't get untrue, misleading business cards printed up. If you say you have an ability and advertise that ability; please be able to deliver. My grand total came to about $400 and I still don't have a working computer. Greg Hicks pulled a fast one on me and I hope he doesn't get the chance to pull a fast one on any of you. Luckily for me(and Mr. Hicks), I have this forum to get things off my chest and release tension. Now, there is no need to read into this incident and make it a matter of disrespect and an act of blatant condescending behavior or an attack on me as a man. An attack that begs for a response. Thank goodness I've grown enough as a person that I have no desire to see Mr. Greg Hicks in an alley and beat the breaks off his non-computer fixing butt. I'm proud of myself. If you want to see for yourself, above is his card. Check him out on your own and see for yourself. But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Amazing how the Desiredata #10 holds truth to your incident. Thanks for the heads up.

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