Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I Miss........ '08

Being away from home, family, and loved ones; made me realize that there are several things that I miss and I didn't even realize it. I decided to make a list of random things that I miss and will probably never see, do, or experince again.

1. All of my family members and friends who have passed away.
2. Saturday morning cartoons
3. TV without reality shows
4. Playing football with my friends
5. Pete Marie's
6. Police Academy movies
7. Downtown Wheeling
8. When tennis shoes costs under $100
9. Queen Latifah's breasts
10. Playing video games with my cousin Neil at 7-11
11. Not worrying about my blood pressure
12. The dirt pile
13. Slim
14. The Hobby Shop
15. When Louis' Hot Dog was in town
16. When Rap music was all about originality
17. Ms. Wiggins
18. Johnny Carson
19. Working at First Step
20. My old place
21. The Stradwick- McCammick feud
22. Foodland
23. Lisa Neville's singing voice
24. McDonald's downtown
25. The Halloween Parade

You never know; if I never get to do these thing, go these places, or see these people again; I'm just gonna try to duplicate the feelings, hold on to the memories, and make it a part of my life now. I suggest everyone make a list and do the same; but that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?


Osmianski and Morelli said...

There is no need to miss Foodland that much, there is one in Tiltonsville, OH.

We live to serve,

Osmianski and Morelli

Mike said...


Participate in this as a blogger tomorro

Bloggers in WV are encouraged to decribe WV in a positive light. When you go to the aove site, to my surprise, they list Booker T. Washington, Dr. Carter Woodson, Dr. Leon Sullivan, Tony Brown and Henry Louis Gates. It is time to make the image of WV something other than incest jokes.

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