Monday, June 23, 2008

Maybe George Michael Was Wrong.....

For those who are new to the blog, a Schedule 1 word is a word that has no positive or medicinal purposes; and should be banned. The new word that I'll nominate is a little suspect. I actually am going to wait and hear back from you guys before i put it on the list. The word up for review is FAITH. I'm sure some of you are coming up with an argument as you read this. I was brought up to believe,"Without FAITH, it's impossible to please God.", "FAITH is the substance of things hoped for.", and "FAITH is the evidence of things not seen". I was always sold on these principles until I heard a quote from Pastor Ray Hagins; "When knowledge is present, FAITH is not necessary." I heard that and began to think. FAITH allows too much room for error. FAITH gives you the ability to build a belief system around something that isn't true or to hold on to a failed or faulty ideology. If FAITH is used as a weapon to question, correct, and relegate a person's morality; then it isn't a tool of righteousness. I can see FAITH used as a motivation to learn and know; but FAITH as an ending or finishing point, does more harm than good. If you have FAITH in something or someone; that FAITH should push you to find out if that Faith is based in truth and reality or falsehood and rhetoric. If your FAITH isn't based in truth and reality, then that isn't FAITH. It is delusion or, on a more positive note, Hope. Hope is very different than FAITH. Hope has fantasy, whimsical connotation to it and FAITH is much more concrete and rigid. If FAITH is placed on the Schedule 1 list; Hope is the word that I would suggest to replace it. Let me know what you think. This is just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?


Anonymous said...

I can feel your dissonance with the word but labeling it as Schedule 1 may not only be suspect but shrewd. Faith is a gateway for some, prior to the attainment of knowledge. I can attest faith being a motivation for learning, attaining knowledge, and seeking wisdom for many people I have known.
Faith and hope are synonymous. Replacing faith with hope is an alternative androgyny.
These words are very peculiar because they help define and understand spirituality by various measures.It is difficult to label Schedule 1 based upon spiritual facts and experiences.
If I were looking for a more concrete word to replace faith, I would suggest trust. Trust is a feeling based upon more substantial evidence and experience. Trust doesn't connote a bias,toward good or evil. Trust is one of the initial virtues we seek at birth and attempt to find throughout life. Trust is an essential part of all our relationships and an integral part of self preservation and growth. I prefer trust over faith but that's just my opinion. Waiting to see other's response.......

Anonymous said...

FAITH: Ron, your defination and basis of Faith came from the Hebrew Chapter 11. There were several different ways, we could discuss the topic of FAITh. I believe this maybe could be the first avenue of such topic:

Let's consider the word FAITH. But by doing this, we have to read the whole chapter of Hebrew 11. For time sake, you can go back to view. In summary lets break it down. Are you ready?

FAITH: James 2 tells us, "FAITH without works in dead". Wow, so what does that mean. Faith requires you to work at finding, hoping, trusting, working and believing.

You must read all of chapter 11 and note how FAITH from creation of time to present required action.

You will note and really just think about your own personal lyfe. Think on every tyme you had to show faith, action was always behind it and required. BY FAITH...and then an ACTION. Show me your work and your faith will be noticable and present.

HOPE: now, hope requires no action. You just sit around waiting, hoping, maybe trusting and maybe believing it will come to pass. NO work involved. Just sitting and waiting.

Here is a Senairo: If you knew someone who said that they were hungry or naked and need clothing, and you say to them go in peace and be blessed. But, you haven't given them the things which are needed for the body to feed or clothe them; What was accomblished? What action was taken? Was there any FAITH required of you to tell him to go away in peace or did it just require a kind word and a hopeful blessing.

So you see, FAITH without works is dead. Faith is shown by its works. The world can't survive on HOPE alone. It will always need the FAITH which requries WORK.

Ron, Would you really like to replace the word FAITH for a non action; non figure word as HOPE? Do get me wrong, we must have hope for it gives us peace and joy. But, does it make you work. think about it?

Anonymous said...

Hello its me again,
In regards to my previous response in which I explained the difference between "Faith and Hope". I wanted to quote Obama's comment which when I read, I thought about your post. Here it goes: From Hope to Faith: He stated, In time I came to see my faith as being both a personal commitment to Christ and a commitment to my community. I knew that while I could sit in church and pray all I want, I wouldn't be fulfilling God's will unless I went out and did the Lord's WORK.

Faith requires you to work and we ALL have to learn communication, have the commitment to want to work and work at working together.

The word "FAITH" can not and should not be replaced and put on schedule 1. But, thats my opinion.

This was another excellent topic and again, I enjoy reading your Blogs. Most of them anyway!

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