Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I'm Trippin'

This is the day that it really hit me. We could actually have a black man as the president of the united states of america. I never really thought that he would win the democratic nomination, because I always assumed the Super delegates would swoop in and save us the trouble of looking for the conspiracy this time. I just never dreamt that we as a people would ever get this close to the white house. Since we live in the times of Don Imus, Flavor Flav, and Sean Bell, I don't expect to see a black man as commander in chief any time soon; but I have to take a minute and marvel at the idea of someone that looks like me and has the shared experience of being a black man, being "The leader of the free world". I don't care how short lived this feeling will be. I'm not sure if a white person could relate to this feeling? It would be like, if you were in high school and you were constantly bullied. Then, one day you favorite uncle became principal. Yeah, the bullying may not stop; but the bullies would know that messing with you would be like messing with the principal. The weak would no longer seem so powerless. It would be like living in Gotham. Yeah, it's still a rough city; but at least you know Batman is around. I'm filled up with pride, hope, and excitement; and despite this country's track record, I'm gonna hold on to this feeling as long as I can before it is ripped away again. I'm gonna stand a little taller tomorrow. I'm gonna walk with a bit more swagger than usual. I'm gonna convince myself that I am one of the fine residents of the city of Metropolis, who just sat down to read the latest addition of the Daily Planet. I'm taking that luxury for myself tomorrow. If any other black folks are reading this, I suggest you do the same. But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?


Anonymous said...

Had to drop in on this blog say whats up. It cant even be compared how we feel as a people versus how white people feel about Obama.
I’m celebrating with Obama like were cousins or something. This right here is a proud moment for all black folks
On another tip man I seen your girl not to long ago, talkin to some people like she was running your campaign and she was shouting you out, had me thinkin you might be running for President on the real its does me good to see black on black love. Dont stop til you get there brother, know what I mean

Anonymous said...

this is truly a special time in history. I'm so glad that I'm alive and able to share in this landmark.

Obama just shows us, how far we came as a people and how blessed we are to have stood and overcome so many obstacles.

Likewise, for our black brothers this is a testimony that you as a black man can do anything you set your heart out to accomblish.

I believe with Obama, we are going to see more brothers coming forth and standing in the gap.

Like Angie Stone sings: Your a fine brother- there's no other...,

Anonymous said...

I am certain Obama's mama has similar feelings of pride and grandeur. Take time to look beyond race and know that Obama is a great man, capable of becomming the "Commander in Chief" of the United States of America. In this republic we shall become one, no greater than the other, no less than we allow ourselves to be. God Bless Senator Obama for making the dream a reality!

Anonymous said...

Allow the moment!

This is a moment where our race should "STop" and "BAsk" in the moment! Looking back; reflecting, relealizing, understanding and having pride knowing that this great man: named Obama, is capable of becoming Leader over the nation. And that this great man, happens to finally be black!

Its a moment that I don't think you will ever understand.

Anonymous said...

ABSOLUTELY! I want to allow the moment but also I'd love to witness these moments more often than not. There are numerous people that share the similar joy and enthuisiasm throughout the land! Let it be told and say it out loud! It is a day of rememberance of that we are certain. It is a day that is LONG overdue. I think I have a hint!

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