Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Great Hair Debate

I was talking with some of my co-workers today and they told me something that I may be completely in the dark about. They said that they would like it if a man trimmed up and did some grooming to their "private areas". This has blown me away! I'm not even sure where the trend for women to start cutting their hair off started. I always assumed it was from porn. They all said that thy would prefer if their men shaved up down there. I'm an older cat, so I can't really understand it. It seems like the "man-scaping" as one co-worker called it, is a tad bit feminine for me. It's like a man being too concerned with his hairdo, or having a stylist. i just don't get it. I never complained about women having hair. Actually, I've only heard women complain about women having hair down there. So, I'm asking all of you out there that read this: If you're a man, do you Man-scape? If so, why? If you're a woman, do you prefer a man to Man-scape? If yes, why? The more I think about it, the more wrong it seems. Maybe I'm just too old school for some of these trends. The only thing I would be adamant about i woman shaving would be her armpits. I would only do that because a hairy armpit would remind me of a man. That's kinda my same thinking for "private areas". Again, I could be off on this I await your responses. I just think men are historically hairy; but that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?


Tamara said...

Please keep the hair, the whole hair, and nothing else but the hair!! So what if it's old skool and not with the newest "trends" I want my man to appear "manly" in every sense. I do not want to be reminded of childhood days not when sex is concerned...sounds really wrong to me!Definitely!
I have not personally viewed a "man-scape" but certain my reaction would be a negative review!
I have heard of woman "trimming" for summer season...sounds reasonable enough that men may need to "trim" for Speed-O's?!Other than that I see no reason to landscape the working area.
But hey, I'm not trying to choose for anyone else; to each their own; I just hope a man never feels the need to shave for me.

Susan said...

Don't shave it off, just trim the hair. I don't mind the hair, I just don't want to be able to floss with it while I'm down there! And I think alot of men feel the same way about women. Nothing spoils the mood worse than having to pick your teeth during a blow job. And my man likes it bare because then he can see every detail of what's going on when that area is in his line of sight while doing the deed!
I look at this way...If i found a hair in my food at restuarant, I'd send it back. Same applies in my bedroom!

Crystal said...

First off, I have to say that Susan's comment about hair in her food made me laugh out loud! Second of all, sometimes a trim is necessary but never ever shave it all off. I have seen a man with a completely shaved pubic area and it is not a pretty sight. Personally (with the exception of the back), I think a hairy man is sexy. I dont get the "manscaping" trend...if I wanted a dude with a smooth chest, hairless airpits, and a bald weiner I would start cruising elementary school playgrounds. Here's a message for the men: Find a long stray hair? Trim it. Have a unibrow? Pluck it. Thats as far as any straight man who isnt completely in love with himself should go.

Susan said...

kudos Crystal, well put, you said what i meant!

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