Saturday, July 25, 2009


You know the weird part? Some of you are gonna watch this and say, "Hey, who knows what the guy did before the video started? Maybe he deserved it?" I always assumed that the police were trained to handle incapacitated perps, without nightsticks and violence. But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?


James Tubman said...

no excuse

racism still exist

and it will always exist as long as we allow these racist to have control over our lives and think they can beat us up whenever they want to

Tamara said...

Just curious? Does anyone know what reprimand was taken on the officers (and I use that term ever so slightly)?
Seen this clip live on the TV and couldn't bel;ieve it....knew they were going to attck the driver once they pulled him over becuz he hit a "fellow officer" (again not feeling that term!).
I'm certain they used extreme force when they knew he was "Down" I mean the man was ejected from a rolling vehicle at an extreme speed, the capability to "run" or "obstruct" was completely eradicated.
Yes, James there is no excuse, I agree....and racism still exists...and only sometimes gets video taped...this doesn't even cause the frenzy that killing an animal or swatting a fly would engage...Sorry, yes it is very sorry indeed.

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