Monday, July 7, 2008

i Megaphone

I'm not now, nor have I never claimed to be an expert on Art. My definition of art is "Anything born in imagination and/or creativity of another human being that evokes emotion". With that being said, I have just stumbled across what I am sure is Art. I'm not sure if you all will agree. There is a Artist named Imogen Heap. I urge any and all of you to take some time and give her a quick listen; then tell me what you think. I can't really describe her music, but; for me, it definitely evokes emotion. Being a purely Hip-Hop head, I was stunned by how much I liked this Artist. In a time where originality is all but gone from my music of choice, it's a shame that I have to find a creative breath of fresh air in another genre. But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

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