Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Things I'd Love To Hear

Communication is a very important part of life. I love to hear genuine conversations or movies with great dialogue. I think words are very powerful and they can effect people in an extremely positive or negative way. Since I know that I will never be a rich man, or own a home like the Wicked Pickett's, I've created a list of things that I'd love to have someone say to me or about me. Here it is:

1. I would be lost without you.

2. I agree with what he said

3. Let's ask him. I'm sure he would know.

4. I knew I'd feel better, once I saw/talked to you.

5. You really helped me change my life.

6. I've never been that loud before.

7. I can't stop shaking my legs.

8. What do you think I should do?

9. I can be myself around you.

10. I'm very proud of you.

These are just my top ten. Feel free to post your own. In a time where currency can be loosely defined, I wouldn't mind being paid in these wages. But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?


Anonymous said...

Ron, Communication is very important. Guessing isn't communicating.

What you say to people makes a difference. People never can relate to silence when trying to hold conversation.

And, if you would like these things said about you, it would be great practice saying them to people that matter in your lyfe. I believe that all the top ten needs to be said and heard.

We all would like those things said about us, but lets first try practicing saying them to others.

Anonymous said...

One more thing,
You say words are powerful and they are and because they are so powerful, we have to be careful what we speak out of our mouths.

You made a comment, "since I know I will never be a rich man". Do me a favor, and never make that statement again. You're speaking negative over your lyfe.

Remember that book and the picture on the front cover. This blog is just the beginning. You are a well known AUTHOR in the beginning of his career.

Words are powerful, use them wisely and Speak LYFE! Just thought I remind you.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps "riches" of the worldly sort are not the aspirational feast of this blogger, but rather a quest for an ineffable TRUTH in words, providing a sincere neurophysiological perception as well as food for the soul....sounds like payment in those terms are "rich" enough for all.

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