Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tattoo Status

I have been itching to get a tattoo lately. I finally figured out what I want and where, but my money has been kinda funny lately. I was talking it over with one of my boys and we came to the conclusion that we ABSOLUTELY LOVE women with tattoos. While the three of us were lusting over inked up women, a third party came over and interjected some negativity to the conversation. I thought I'd post his theory on women with tattoos and see what you guys think:

"If a woman has a tattoo across her chest/tittie; can’t no nigga take you seriously. You'll only achieve Jump Off status (The Other Woman).

If a woman has a tattoo across her arm; she's a ride or die bitch. Good to have around, but can only achieve Hood status (We are are only seen together in the hood).

Tattoo across your back indicates a Tramp. You only achieve Freak status (The chick that you call for mind blowing, no strings attached, bomb-ass, sex).

Tattoo on your leg indicates that you are a cool, down to earth chick that you can really talk to. Unfortunately, you only achieve Kick It status (The chick that you don't wanna sleep with because it will mess up the friendship).

And finally, no tattoos equals Wifey status (A chick you can spend the rest of your life with)."

I'm not buyin' it. I love tattoos and think they are a unique expression of art and individualism; so I can't see judging someone for having one or where it's located. Besides, if I combined all those tattoos into one woman and she had the qualities that go with them; she instantly would achieve Wifey status in my book. But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?


Anonymous said...

Who the hell has nothing better to do in their life than create phony bullshit regarding "tattoo status"? You,the third party in the conversation,made that up!!!
This is an exact example of the "Dope Fiend Syndrome"; making someone else look bad so you appear to look good.
Tattoos are a personal preference and normally a commemaration of a moment in life. Self expression has various styles.
The majority didn't rant when "tattooing" was used to brand showing ownership/possession.
Most define tattooing as a sense of defiance;a deviance of the social norm, however, I feel tattooing is an art and a form of self expression as well. Now that it has been rendered a choice rather than mandated as a "property status", people protest; I'm sorry, let me rephrase that, those of ignorance protest.
The tattoo does not make the woman and/or man. A woman and/or man should be defined by so many more measures!

Anonymous said...

That's weird. My girlfriend and I just made an appointment to get a tattoo.
I never had one before and told the guy that I want it on my upper thigh/hip bone.
A little erotic and sexy symbol on a place where only that special guy will see!

Anonymous said...

Getting ready for my first tattoo and absolutely lovin' the feeling! The tattoo is for me and I'm not trying to impress anyone else.

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