Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Completed Tree Shaking Ceremony

For those of you who follow this Blog, you have heard me talk about me asking God to shake my tree, and make everyone who isn't working towards my best interests & goals, fall off. Every time I asked God to do this, he would; but every time he would, I'd get scared and ask him to stop. And he would. This time I vowed to myself that I wouldn't stop him, and I didn't. I'm only writing about it now because everyone fell. When I say everyone, I mean everyone: Family, Friends, Lovers, Girlfriends, Co-workers, Supervisors. EVERYONE!!! It is really difficult for me right now, because I always thought that I more of a support system than I had. It is a difficult realization when your tree is bare. It's hard not to begin to question your own judgement and your own attraction of character. People are brought in to your life for a reason, so I can only assume that people are taken out of your life for a reason as well. I haven't began to attempt to understand the reasons yet. I'm still kinda in mourning. I hope that this tree has been shaken bear to make room for new growth. At least, that is what I'm gonna tell myself until I feel better. I don't plan on going backwards and trying to reattach anyone to the tree, but until something new grows, it's hard not to look down and see everything that has fallen. But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?


Anonymous said...

The Shaking Tree Ceremony: Sometimes it isn't God who has shaken and thrown people off your tree. There are times and instances where your own actions, thoughts, and habits push and knock people off your tree.

Time after time people will forgive, trust and believe in you; but your actions continuely show the opposite. Its very difficult to remain on a tree when a person can't seem to change their habits, can't seem to be honest and have no idea what it means to honor true friendship.

You can't always blame people for the choices you have chosen. When you can first be honest with yourself and learn how to respect others; I think then and only then will your tree be filled with beauty.

A tree can be strong or it can be weak and lame. Its what the tree eats that keeps the branches alive and well. When you feed your roots with ghetto trash then your roots will die and the branches will fall because what you are feeding the branches is garbage.

Your tree is barely standing and the roots are half dead. The branches have fallen not because God has shaken, but because your actions have knocked them down. Its up to you how you nourshish your roots to bring it back to health so that your branches can grow again.

I think once you stop feeding your roots trash and change your ghetto thinking; you will be fine.

It would be a good idea to start by learning from your group of young men at Park and follow after their name "Change". Begin to understand what that words means to you and take the actions to change. Change how you disrespect people, lie to them and betray them. Change might keep your branches from falling.

You lost alot of friends, family, co-workers, supervisiors not because solely because God has taken them; but more because your actions have never changed.

A Ghetto mind isn't a color. Its what a person thinks and how a person acts and reacts. Ghetto mind only knows ghetto and will never grow. OBAMA came way to far to stay stuck in ghetto thinking.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I read this and it made me sad for you. It appeared that you were in a deep deep state of dispair and that I should forget my own issues and reach out. But you cast aside every attempt made to reach out to you. So now I read this and think it was just an attempt to get sympathy. Or your excuse for treating certain people the way you do. I had always looked at you as an example of what a good man should be. Now it saddens me to realize that I need to look elsewhere. I imagine it is the same feeling children get when they find out that Santa isn't real. He was just some guy hiding under a fake beard.

Anonymous said...

The two prior comments said it all - and to think you still have not learned from the true & realistic opinions of you. It's time to stop making excuses, blaming everyone else for your poor choices, and take some responsiblity! I agree, just another attempt for sympathy.

Anonymous said...

......OOOOOORRRRRR, maybe God didn't shake your tree, maybe he shook everyone else's tree and YOU ARE THE ONE THAT FELL OFF, did you ever think of it that way? Maybe saw YOU were the one weighing down everyone else's branches, and sucking all the life out of everyone else's roots and left nothing for the other fruits of their labor! Maybe you prayed and gave God a good idea, and already nobody was on your tree, but YOU didn't see that til you fell off theirs. May God bless the people with the new fruit! Maybe you should just try planting a seed somewhere first!

Adria said...

People need to realize that if they chose to try climb a tree that never had their name on it they shouldn't be saddened when they get shaken off so easily. Its obvious when a tree has someone else's initials already carved in it.

just pretend i'm not here said...

....i think ALOT of people thought their initials were carved in that tree[trunk].

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