Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Inauguration Post

I know I'm late on this but bare with me. I didn't post anything about the inauguration because I wasn't sure what i could say that hasn't already been said. Since I can't really come up with much that is original, I'll tell you what I did on that day. I woke up an immediately called off from work. Next, I threw on a podcast called Black Media Archives and blasted speeches from Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, H. Rap Brown, Bobby Seale, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and Martin Luther King Jr.; while I cleaned my house. Then, i took a shower and put on my new Obama t-shirt that my auntie bought me for Christmas. I finished getting dressed and drove down to my mother's to watch the festivities on TV. I bunch of my family went but we decided to stay so that we could watch the whole thing together. Me, my mother, my aunt Dar, and my aunt Peachy (who came down from NJ) were all in attendance. It was amazing because we began talking about all of the people who missed this, and all of the ways that the country has changed in the past 50 years. It was amazing to hear them reminisce and reveal racist secrets about the town I live in. They explain how long of a journey this has been. Then things got a little emotional when we started talking about how my grandfather missed seeing a Black president by a few months. Once we saw the ceremony begin, we were filled up with silence and pride. We didn't say anything like, "I hope these fools don't start shootin'!". We knew there wasn't a possibility for something like that to go down. We got to watch history. We hugged, we cried, and we ate. We sent texts to our entire family, and we sent texts to those who were there. It was an amazing day. I believed Barack Obama has raised the bar for black men my age, the way 2pac did, and Jay-Z after him. He didn't judge us, showed us how much we were like him, he condemned the use of excuses, and removed laurels for us to rest on. He is a new hero of mine. I admire him, and I owe him alot. He has made it easier to empower a group of men that I am a part of and that I was fearful for. I don't want to call him a savior, because that is too much. He is an icon to me a beacon of hope, An assurance that someone has your back, and a catalyst of unity that I have never seen before. But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

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