Sunday, May 31, 2009

Miss Appropriation of Power

One of the coolest things about being a human being is our ability to believe in other human beings. To see potential in them. To have a healthy, non romantic, admiration or devotion is an amazing ability. Unfortunately, you must be careful of those that you give that much power to. Valuing someone's opinion enough to where it can effect your world & self view isn't something you wanna just through around. No matter what that person or persons did to gain that luxury, doesn't make them immune to the pitfalls of finite humanity. Jealousy, Anger, Regret, and even Boredom can make a person move further and further away, in word and deed, That the person you know they are. They you have left yourself wide open for blindsiding, surprise attack right in front of your face. I don't want anyone to live in fear of this, just be cautious. Nothing can make a person feel lower than, when you are questioned about who or what you are, by someone you believed knew you better than most. It takes a strong person to shake it off and keep pushing. Not most can do it, without reexamining everything about themselves. It takes a weak one to prompt unwanted/unneeded self examination. It's kinda sadistic. You should always remember that despite the connection you have with a person, the similarities you have with them, the desire you have to be with or like them; no one knows you better that you do. Everyone you let into your life, can be let out. But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?


Stella said...

This post reminded me of "Excuse Me but, You got to go...My lyfe is waiting". Get rid of the junk!

Personally, I must admit, I have a few people that I do value their opinions. Not many, just a few. And, even with those few; I learned to take what I need and throw away the junk.

I think it is crazy to ask just anyone for their opinions. I think it is even crazier to ask someone you trust and then when opionion is given your upset or don't want to accept.

I would much rather have someone give me the hardcore truth, then to sugarcoat or not give at all. If a person is bold enough to ask then you have to be bold enough to accept or not.

I believe it takes a real big person to ask for an opinion from someone you trust; but it takes an even bigger person to accept who they are.

I totally agree, no one person should ever have that much power over you. Sometimes, depending upon the circumstances another persons opinion is very valuable. We just have to know how to savour what we need and throw away the junk.

You really have to know you and know who you are in order to KNOW HOW to keep what applies to you and throw away the excess.

I think the problem comes from "not knowing yourself" and relying too heavily on others.

Getting rid of junk in our lives isn't always easy when we are so use to alot of clutter.

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