Friday, May 15, 2009


Even though, Tyler Perry hands are involved in this; I believe this movie is a MUST SEE!!! I was moved just watching the trailer. This movie should win awards because it has the potential to change lives. Early Oscar prediction: Monique Best Supporting Actress. But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?


Susan said...

I am being totally serious when I say this, hard to believe I know, but...why Tyler Perry hate?

Susan said...

just watched that clip, i forsee a w and w, tripple threat date night coming on. when is being released?

Anonymous said...

NOW... the "Ghetto-Ass Title" of "Marijuana Pepsi" can be placed into perspective. She can roll through her "amber" lights to purchase a ticket observing REAL struggle: emotional,financial,and physical not just perceived.

This movie is gonna be great because of the TRUTH behind well as the cast and crew!!Phenominal!!

Stella said...

You know I'm a Tyler Perry fan. Go to all the plays and seen all the movies.

I can't wait wait to see. This movie certainly does demonstrates REAL LYFE. When I think about how many women are experiencing or trying to get over the psycological abuse this movie shows, just gives me chills.

Man, it almost had me in tears feeling the emotional pain of these women.

I'm already looking into taking some young women to view this movie. Call it Girly Girl Nite!

And, the song that was playing in the background. Was that my girl MJB? Sure sounds good to me.

Can't wait to see.

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