Thursday, May 14, 2009

Things I'm Gonna Do Different #1

I was in a six year relationship that recently ended. I have decided that I am gonna do something different, if and when, I decide to get in another relationship. The reasoning is that if I do something different, then the outcome will be different. I made a list of 10. This is the final one.

#1. Love- More importantly than any of the other nine, I've got to love her. In the pro-active sense. I must make it so that she knows that I love her and never has to ask or wonder about my feelings for her. I will realize how lucky I am to be in love with someone who loves me. I will say, " I love you" as often as possible and in as many different ways as I can. I'll remember that love grows in an atmosphere of freedom, not restraint and obligation. I'll do any and everything humanly possible not to take her for granted. EVER.

I may not be ready to try these right now; but I think it's good to have blueprints before you start building. If this doesn't work, I figure that I'll just try beating up women and talking crazy to them. Those guys are never without a chick. But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?


Stella said...

Love conquers all..

The single "most important" thing is LOVE. It is the foundation for everything.

A builder always builds on a good strong solid foundation.

Very Nice blueprint

Dont start beating up women, you'll end up locked up or tied up....ummm, you might like that though, lol

Susan said...

First of all always remember, love may pass you by while you are busy making plans.
Make sure you always tell her you love her and show her with acts of kindness and love that are unique to ONLY the realtionship she and you share. Don't make the mistake of replacing the words and actions gifts (gifts are good ;-) but don't rely on them to take your place). Hug her, hold her hand, and look at her like she is the only person in the room even when there are many. Kiss her like it may be the last time, everytime.

Anonymous said...

I really like how you said love grows in freedom, not restraint and obligation. I have no response except that I'm using that line.

The learning shit from relationships can be so painful and so hard to understand while emotions are still high and even later. I'm trying to get to the other side of that myself. Thanks for writing your thoughts. It helps to know everyone goes through it and learns.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree that is the most powerful statement in your blog:"love grows in an atmosphere of freedom, not restraint and obligation."

Struggling to learn, grow, develop, progress, and find my peace of mind(albeit, I may have become cynical in this staement I am about to make), I find that Love, well it just ain't enough. So while it may be TOP DOG to you I hope and pray that LOVE does not caste it's vengence upon you and make you weary of the other virtues that enhance TRUE LOVE.

I'm sure it won't seems like you got this all figured out and what's love got to do with that?

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