Friday, April 20, 2007

Disconnection Notice

Let's all disconnect! We should do just like they did in The Matrix. I say that we all remove ourselves from this system that isn't exactly working for us. It isn't difficult. First, STOP WATCHING THE NEWS AND READING NEWSPAPERS. (the media clouds our minds). Second, ONLY INVOLVE POLICE IN MATTERS OF LIFE, DEATH, AND EXTREME CIRCUMSTANCES. (the less dependent we become, the better off we are) Third, STOP DEPENDING OR RELYING ON ELECTED OFFICIALS. (If I didn't have ancestors, who died, in order for me to do so; I wouldn't even vote) Fourth, GET TO KNOW YOUR NEIGHBORS AND YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD. (without the news, this will be the only way that you can lean about your environment) and finally, BECOME DEEPLY INVOLVED IN YOUR AREA'S SCHOOL SYSTEM. (I mean more than just coming to a few PTA meetings a year)

I think we could really change some things if we lessen our dependence on "The System" and become a better, tighter-knit community. That's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

1 comment:

LadyTruth said...

You are absolutely correct and I like that disconnection notice idea.

I'm serving my notice and officially disconnected. "SHUT OFF" notice in my hand. Yeah, I know I have to live in the world but I don't have to be apart of all the negative issues unless I have a solution.

I made up in my mind. No more negative thinking. No more Worldly Drama!

And that would be listening to gossip, news, some rap and actually disconnecting to some people who may have a strong negative influence over me.

We listen from day to day about how our community lacks, our young people are going astray and all the crime/violence penetrating our world.

But, what are we doing to help improve our surroundings. Are we making a difference and taking a stand?

Ask yourself? What am I doing to better my self, my community, my people, my world?

I heard a statement that goes like this-

Lyfe is great. But, GOD is better! and if we would just focus back to GOD our world - our space would be so much better.

That's just my opinion in short. Coming at cha from deeperdepths.

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