Monday, September 14, 2009

The S.T.G. Award

It's been awhile since I've given one of these out, but this one is WELL deserved. I have been dealing with a lot of people putting comments up that have nothing to do with the post, aren't productive or constructive, and just seem to give the person an outlet to really let me have it. Finally, two of these people decided to let themselves be known. This weeks S.T.G. Award goes to Susan and Mary (check the comments under Whyte Gurls & The Po-Lease) . The best part is, I know these women. Not very well, but we have had a few conversations. I actually considered one of them my friend. Susan is a happily married professional woman, and Mary is a wonderful mother of two fantastic children; also a professional woman. I'm not giving them this award to discourage people from voicing their opinion about the topics I post. I'm just using it as a warning for them and others who want to use my blog to take personal shots at me and my life. If you want to take my personal inventory, and go off topic to bash me, use a fake name or go back to Anonymous. If you don't, I'll make things real personal, real quick. Ask Susan. Again, I don't want anyone to stop reading or commenting; but if you want to take a shot at me and my person, expect the same in return. Either way, I'm proud of you ladies for finally revealing who you are and I hope you keep reading. If not, you won't be missed; but that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?


Susan said...

Normally I would refuse to get into a battle of wits with an unarmed person. But seeing how you publically and blatanly called me whore yesterday (even though I didn't seem so bad last fall when you wanted to have a 3some with me...???) and today you call me out with false accusations, I think will engage in the battle this time.
1. your ridiculous
2. if you fear your own actions being known, don't perform them or don't tell people, or do them with or to people that don't gossip. but FYI, allllll women gossip.
3. Mary nor myself, wrote anywhere near the amount of those comments that you think we did. Just because we had the brass kahoonas to put our names, doesn't mean it was always us. From what I hear, you fool with plenty of people that want to blast you
4. my commments ALWAYS pertained to your blog or other comments under those blogs.
5. keep talking about Mary and I, you're making us famous!
6. take your own advice, and watch YOUR mouth! I believe my photobucket account is rittled with pictures one of you other females that would be pretty that YOU circulated!
7. Tammy is beautiful! No wonder she left your dumb ass!
8. get off your oppressed black man high horse, its gettin tired of carrying your ass around!
9. You shoild go far in theatre seeing how you already make a living of being FAKE!

There now you can blog about this. Or can delete it and leave me the fuck alone!

crazy white girl and the POLICE!

susan said...

and don't point out the typos, it'll make you look too desparate for a comeback

CoJack said...

Susan, Susan, Susan! It's a shame to see you lie like that. You don't always leave a comment about the subject. I just read your comment on the post in question and you set out on a personal attack. It didn't have anything to do with his post. Maybe you should evaluate your life and try to find something better to do than make personal, unprovoked attacks. And hey I don't know you but maybe you are a whore. What kind of married woman is asked to have a 3some? One who is giving off enough of a whore vibe to be asked. Maybe you should look in the mirror. Think about it.

And to all the women who might hate on this man for him making women think they are the one and then hurting them: If he is doin that stuff then the women need to stop expected so much out of it with him. You act like women don't do the same shit.
And Tammy screwed him over. She did him dirty. So get your facts straight.

I know this man personally and he is a good man. Don't hate. No hateorade needed here.

Anonymous said...

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