Thursday, March 12, 2009

Am I Alone On This?

I have found that despite how strong a person is in their self-esteem; I know of one phrase that will immediately turn that pride into insecure putty. I only know this because a friend of mine conducted a little experiment where he said it to random people and we gauged their response. From the results we got, all people have a chink in their armor of self-image. If you don't believe me try this, or think back to a time when it has been said about you. This is a statement that, even if you knew that it wasn't true, would force you to check whether or not it was. This is a statement that, even if you knew it wasn't true, you wouldn't want said in a public place, because you knew people would assume it was true without requiring any proof. Once you find out what the phrase is, think back to a time it has been accused or suspected of you. The worst part about it is I know a lady who actually has the problem, but isn't aware or doesn't care. She seems to be an angry bitter lonely woman. Maybe this is why. I hope people who loosely throw this around, understand its destructive power. It could be potentially life changing. The phrase is, "Your breath stinks." I know. It's rough, but that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?


Anonymous said...

Please tell me; I want to know especially if I'm in public. You are my friend I expect you to let me know when things aren't right and that ain't right!!!
I had my three year old godson tell me that not too long ago (kids are very truthful). His mama was upset. I said no way,let him be truthful,I don't expect any less from him and I don't want to walk around with funky breath...thank you very much.
Critisism can be taken again please tell me!!

stella said...

Amen! I wanna know, if its me pleeaaassse tell me.

I work with people and I'm up in their face everyday. Tell me, nothing worse than funky breath and you don't even know it.

I'm like the previous person, contructively bring it to my attention.

Thank you very much! lol

Anonymous said...

"Stella" needs to get a backbone! And she needs to remove her lips from your ass cheeks. Her head is so far stuck up your ass, that's she's missing her torso. It doesn't matter what you post, subject matter or your own opinion, she jumps on the bandwagon to try & score brownie points by "totally agreeing with you". Blogs are meant for your OWN opinions and it's impossible that hers mirror yours. There is no bigger turnoff than a women without her own mind who is complacent & lies down like a rug as if to say "walk on me" again and again and again......

Anonymous said...

Geez a Wheez...Oh my goodness...Stella, Stella, Stella...methinks anonymous is lettin you no you may have stinky breath.

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