Friday, March 20, 2009

Things I'm Gonna Do Different #8

I was in a six year relationship that recently ended. I have decided that I am gonna do something different if and when I decide to get in another relationship. The reasoning is that if I do something different, then the outcome will be different. I made a list of 10.

#8. Money- I've seen my share of relationships end due to money. Friendships, businesses, and romantic partnerships have all be dissolved due to finances. As a couple, I will vow to cooperate with my partner in all matters involving how our money will be spent. Major purchases or expenses will be approved by both parties. Not to sound too businesslike, but we will most definitely talk about how to manage our finances.

Another one that seems easier on the screen; but that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

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Stella said...

I have to tell this story. I sold a phone to a customer, a man and women. The account was in the woman's name. She said, I need to upgrade my phone. I said, No problem. What do you want your phone to do? Well, the man spoke up and said: I want internet and to talk.

Make the story short; I assumed (first mistake on my part) that the couple were dating.

They were both respectable to each other, laughing, joking around with one another and I was loving seeing this happy couple.

Towards the end, the guy ask the women if he paid for the phone would she buy him the case and car charger. She said yea, but you are going to pay for dinner. I'm just staring at both of them in awe. Like, wow. They are really discussing who will buy and pay for what, thats different.

Finally my cursisoty couldn't take it any more, and I said: How long have you two been dating?

They laughed: He said, this woman here is my wife and I been with her for 45 years! I was amazed and commented to them, that they are wonderful people and its rare to see such open happiness and love with two people.

He said to me: What keeps us loving each other and married for so long, is that we both keep separate checking accounts. We both work, we split cost up, we own our house and we go places together, and we both drive nice cars. He said, we want for nothing and buy each other stuff all the time, we go to dinner or lunch and one might pay one day and the other will pay the next and we keep track.

He said, it works and we are happy and that's what keeps us together. Separate checking accounts but agreeing and discussing our purchases and bills.

That was amazing to see and hear!

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