Friday, March 20, 2009

An Elephant Never Regrets

The infinitely wise, John Moses, told me about an interesting concept. He asked the question, "At the circus, have you ever wondered how that little 3 ft spike, keeps that 3 ton elephant from charging the crowd?" Immediately, I began to wonder. I assumed, fear; but I didn't say anything. I just waited on the answer. He said, "Since they were baby elephants they were tied to that 3 ft spike and the couldn't move from it then, so they grew up believing that they couldn't ever move from it." That blew me away! As I always do, and suggest everyone do, I began to look at my life. I started asking myself what my 3ft spike was? I know that in the circus, the 3ft spike protected the audience; but look at it from the elephant's point of view. A large portion of his life is based on a completely false belief. I don't feel sorry for the elephant because ignorance is bliss; but this is a wonderful example that even in wild animals, perception is reality. I racked my brain and came up with 3 things in my life that I can consider a 3ft spike.

1. Being Born And Raised In Wheeling- People from a small town will tell you that often expectations aren't high and mediocrity is often celebrated. Sometimes small town success and relevancy leads to complacency and the death of passion.

2. Not Having A Degree- Although, I am currently in the process of getting my degree, I was of the belief that I can't do anything professionally unless I had a degree. i honestly felt that my opinion didn't matter and I should speak on certain topics because I am not a college grad.

3. Being A Single Parent- I often found myself defending my level of responsibility, and my judgement because I brought a child into the world without being married or even in a romantic relationship with her mother. I honestly believed that morally, I had lost ground and I had to try and catch up to everyone else. I also felt that in certain social and romantic circles, I'd never be taken seriously.

Having identified the spikes, I now have to get up the guts to pull those spikes out of the ground. It isn't a matter of strength, because I know for a fact that it will be effortless. The struggle will be telling myself to pull. Coaxing myself into believing I can. Psyching myself up into a frenzy of confidence.
Take sometime and figure out what your 3ft spike(s) is/are. Maybe you're lucky enough that you don't have any; but if you do, devise a plan. That is, unless you don't mind the circus your confined to. I've never heard of an elephant full of resentments. Not me though. I'm gonna pull out the spikes and see what's outside of this tent; because in ignorance may be bliss, but bliss isn't ignorance. But that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?


Anonymous said...

Many animals are conditioned to believe as many humans are conditioned to believe in limitations, but please my friend tell yourself to pull. Your inner spirit is every bit as tough as your physical strength.
I believe this conditioned thinking can be erased with a CHANGE in circumstance or situations. Whether the change comes from our own accord or outside forces. The chains are a symbol of "taking away a freedom" and in the realm of the circus a symbol to appease the audience into believing the circus has control of the "wild" animals.
I believe these animals have no change and therfore their circumstance remains the same. In this day and age they are actually prodded and at times shocked by sticks and hooks. They are often left shackled for 60-100 hours at a time. Actually they have nowhere else to go and have been taken from their natural environment.
1. Theres no need to move to improve. Please don't listen to these people who tell YOU mediocrity should be celebrated when in fact your soul wants to soar, by all means SOAR!! You definitely have the ability! Anyone spending any amount of time with you can see that. It is in your every breathe, in every gleam of your eye, in every action of your soul.
2. I am stunned and amazed by this response. Well I guess I'm going to put it out there; YES, I am attracted to your mind! There you have it! I've said and I'll say it again. You are one of the most articulate,enlightening,inspiring,
and motivational men I know. (The college degree/the marriage license both PAPERS) It's the committment, the knowledge, the experiences that count. It's the TRUTH; the true drive to make a change.
3. Here we go, I've got to put it out ther again. One of the qualities I admire most about you is your relationship with your daughter. You have not just accepted responsibility, any man can do that, you stand up and you are a wonderful DAD!! Many daughters do not have that nor have had that in their lives. I am impressed by that. There isn't a circle you need to fill romantically or socially where that is concerned. You have filled that circle in the arms of your daughter and I am certain you feel that often in her love for you as well. That's all that matters. The love between you and her, not anyone else, not anywhere else. That love is first and foremost. That makes me so very proud to call you my friend and know that you have done such a spectacular job raising your daughter. You are blessed.
Hoped this helped as a confidence booster for you because I have all the confidence in the world for you. I imagine you doing great things and accomplishing many goals. Hey but that's just my opinion....

Stella said...

Yes, by all means PULL! God has been tugging at you for quite some time to move you to another level.

You have accomblished so much already and you have touched so many people's lives in a positive way.

You are right. There are three things that keep us bound (stuck)


To me the spikes represent shackles. But here is what I find amazing, where are the spikes? Around the ankles, right? It just reminded me of slavery and being shackled and It reminded me of being locked up in jail too. I remember going to see my brother and in the beginning years, he would have shackles on his ankles. Defintely, shackles, chains and/or spikes symbolizes bondage and loss of freedom.

The shackles that we sometimes carry around with us are all mental. We are shackled mentally. We get stuck, get complacent and self-absorb with medoricity that we don't even realize we are shackled down.

You have already released and broke your shackles/chains off. You started your journey to FREEDOM and FREEING YOUR MIND the very moment you started looking at yourself and acknowledging you! The chains broke...

You already began to Reposition Yourself.


If you haven't found it, look for it and Pull that book out and get busy...."TD Jakes, Reposition Yourself".

"If you don't like the way your life is going, redesign it. Redeem the years you lost. Restore your vision, revive your passion for living, and reclaim what was dormant inside of you.
Adjust to the many changes that life brings you and reposition.

You know the areas of life where mere and subtle passivity or even poor choices may have stifled and shackled you down.
You been holding on to that book for a few years, now is the time to begin reading and if you read it once; read again. You will be amazed of the life changing effect the book holds, it shows how adapting to transitional moments in your life is the path to an enriched existence filled with contentment at every stage..

The book is without question a makeover for the soul. It gives you permission to succeed and the how-to's necessary to position yourself for the limitless potential that comes from making minor adjustments in your thinking and plans.

You are amazing and you have the wherewithall to pull! Now PULL...

Anonymous said...

I really appreciated your honesty and willingness to see the truth...whatever that is and for how ever long we see it that way.
I particualry needed to hear what you wrote about being a single parent. I have felt exactly that way but had never been able to express quite right. Do what your heart tells you - I'd say it's in the right place. Breaking delusions about yourself is very painful but so worth it. False beliefs, or as I love to think of them, idols stand in the way of my happiness and ability to be everything I was meant to be. I'm not into religion but I love to think of Charleton Heston saying "Let my people go". The parting of the red sea is like seing yourway through delusion. We can only free ourselves.

Love this stuff!

Jade said...

Stella and Anonymous must not know you on an intimate level.

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