Tuesday, April 10, 2007


They still think you are a nigger. If you don't believe me; ask Don Imus, Michael Richards, Trent Lott, Marge Schott, Barbara Bush, Paris Hilton, Fuzzy Zoeller, John Rocker, & The Simi Valley Jury; but that's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

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LadyTruth said...

Looks like no one wants to touch this comment: So, here I go: I was working a job in Weirton today, and two people I work with tried to bite my head off on a statment that I made. Yes, I survived and I stood my ground and I will try it one more time.

My statement was, when will we as a people - "when will we begin to respect ourselves".

You see, we accept this type of vulgar language in our own culture. We call women names, we call our men our niggas. Our music, our lyfestyle, our environment all reflect who we are and what we stand to believe. And, sad to say we as black minorities kinda paved the way for a lot of this mess to continue. (This is where it got a little heated in the kitchen 4 real and I had to stand my ground)

But it is not ok in any culture to make offending, degrading statements against others and that I believe America finally took a stand a stand that was long overdue!

And when you really think about it, we all have a little racism in us; whether it be skin color, disability, sex, religion, etc.

Now, I'm not defending Imus by no means. But, I believe we all need to take a deep look and ask "how do I treat myself and how do I treat by neighbor?

My personal opinion: America is standing up and stating "We will not tolerate" any more.

I hope that Imus understands that he can not make harsh statements and think that people will continue to tolerate. Now, that's just my opinion.

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