Tuesday, April 10, 2007


All human beings are inherently good at heart. In the past, I only said this to try and convince myself and others not to worry as much. Now I believe it. The only proof that I have of this is the presence of Rationalization. If we didn't rationalize our actions, we would be left to believe that our action reflect who we are. Rationalization answers the question of, "Why did you do that?", that we always ask ourselves and others. If a person were evil or bad, they would have no need to rationalize things with themselves. They would be cool with being evil or bad. The act of rationalization almost asks for forgiveness or a second first impression. It is subliminally saying. "Yeah, I did it; but that's not what I'm all about." The dictionary says rationalization is, "to devise self-satisfying but false reasons for one's behavior." What if the reasons weren't false? What if deep inside there was another person begging to be rescued and their only SOS was their rationalizations? What if the definition read, "to devise self-uplifting and alternative reasons to preserve the positive aspects of an individual." I may just suffer from terminal optimism; but that's just my opinion, though and who the hell am I?

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Anonymous said...

i don't rationalize.

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