Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Tupac Amur Shakur

I am a big Tupac fan. I'm not one of these folks who love the thugged out, tattooed up, gangsta rapper aspect of him. Many could argue that image was a facade or figment of his fantasy. I'm not one of those guys. I'm a fan for a different reason. Ossie Davis said in his eulogy of Malcolm X, "Malcolm was our manhood, our living, black manhood" & "our own black shining prince". That's how I feel about 'Pac. He embodied more that the ability to rhyme well. (Even though he never has dropped one of those lines that made me go, "Oooooooooooooooh!") He was an artist & an Icon who chose rap to stamp the world. His whole history and aura seems mythical in a sense. His father was a hustler and his mother was a Black Panther. He has connections in damn near every 'hood across the country. From New York to Baltimore to Oakland to LA, someone has spent time with and/or "knows the real" 2pac. He embodied the duality of man. He attended a school for the arts, but was also shot five times in an attempted robbery. There is video footage of him, in high school, dancing with Jada Pinkett, to a Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince song. Coincidence? I think not. To start to understand the connection and admiration that I feel for Tupac, you must do one vital task first. Purchase his CD entitled "Me Against The World". I think it was the best CD he ever recorded. It was released in 1995 but it should be relatively easy to find. Listen to it and you will be hearing the inner thoughts and a clear diagnosis of the psyche of a street nigga. You'll learn, and more importantly, you'll feel the music. The most poignant piece of the album in the 4th verse of the 4th song, "So Many Tears". It is what so many of us, young black males on the streets or locked up, think & feel; but don't say. It's amazing. But that's just my opinion, though and who the hell am I?

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LadyTruth said...

See, now I just have to share this: I was a true Tupac Lover: his eyes had me out there and this was back in the day when I was out there! Oh my, talk about T-shirts, Bandana, and Jeans I had them all.

Why would a woman like a thugged out Nigga like Tupac?

I'm glad you asked:
Let me tell ya: Tupac was about change, this brotha had some serious hopes and dreams to make a difference. He just wanted it all quick fast and in a hurry. He wanted to make a difference through his music by turning bad situations to good ones. My boy had an inspiring side, he had a gift to make people laugh, a gift to make people listen and to make people think. Now, thats talent.

Yeah, he had two sides to him (but don't we all) the sad part the ugly side always seemed to rule.

I'm pretty sure "Me Against the World" came out, when he was still in prison. How I know, cause I wrote the brotha in prison and had a deep message for him to get his act 2gether. I know he got it, after that letter here comes the Albumn with Dear Mamma song and the letter I wrote was talking to him about his mamma.

Hey, I don't think that was a coincidence. My kids thought I was nuts writing Tupac in Jail.

The whole CD is awesome: Deep lyrics....I'm a woman that listens to words to a song!

I had it so bad, that I was praying for this brotha when he got shot 5 times. God did answer, though. I know that's so wrong of me, but not really; everyone needs a little prayer.

Final note: If you loved Tupac you gotta love "sexy smiling 50". No doubt about it...Sorry fellas, but he has a sexy smile that makes wanna say uummm!

50 got it going on and

I will be wearing his line of clothing...hey...hey...hey
I know this was long, can't you tell that was my BOY.

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