Thursday, April 12, 2007

My Book Report

Life is kinda cool. It seems like I spend a lot of time thinking about and trying to figure out my purpose in life or if I'm really doing what I should be doing with my life. I guess I would get a signal or a sign if I weren't. Life is kinda like reading a book. Every now and again you will get the overwhelming urge to skip to the end and see if your hunches are correct or peek at how it all turns out. That only seems to happen when you're in a chapter that ss boring or seems meaningless. (like when Hawthorne goes on forever describing a tree or a meadow) You also get that urge when a person who is reading the same book as you, tells you how good it is once you get through those early chapters. It makes you want to rush to a point when you may not have the proceeding information to understand it. Some people even enjoy those chapters that you think are pointless. It's most like a book, when you finally get to that point where you are riveted with what you are reading. You can't take your eyes away from it and once you're done, you re-read that part to re-live some of the feelings that it gave you. Chapters like this make you want to keep reading, for the hope that there are more. There are always moments in life like that. You keep reminiscing and hoping that life has more of them in store for you. Just like no one can live your life for you; no one can read a book for you (if you expect to get anything out of it). I feel sorry for those who close the book and stop reading too soon, because they can't get past the boring or pointless parts. They missed a great story. I think it is our duty as human beings to act as a reading coach or tutor, to those of us who have problems reading or are afraid of the twists and turns of a good book. We can make sure they still enjoy the stories. Kinda like an Author's Workshop, "How To Write & Experience A Good Book." That's just my opinion, though and who the hell am I?

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Anonymous said...

PURPOSE DRIVEN: LIFE'S TWIST AND TURNS; I think we all are afraid of the unknown. Driving, searching, running hard after purpose is the unknown. I'm learning as I go through releasing my fears and making some twist and turns on my destiny to purpose, I see that God will nudge me and pull me back on track if I took the wrong road.
I love this topic: Let me try and tutor all those who maybe seeking purpose.
First, ask yourself: What motivitates you? What do you love to do? What gets under your skin so bad and it just ticks you off? What makes you weep and cry when you hear of something? What is it?
When you find out those questions, you are on your way to purpose. We are all born with purpose. Something that only you can do and was born to do. I can't complete your purpose and you can't do mine.
Second, know your limits. What are your talents and gifts from God. He gives us all gifts and a talent to go along with our purpose to complete the work. Some have more than others. Your talent in life is what you can do phyiscally. Writing, helping others, creativity, speaking, listening, dancing, singing, etc.
Your gifts are from God: Healing, teaching, preaching, working of miracles, speaking in tongues; interpretation, knowledge, words of wisdom; prophecy; discerning of spirits, etc.
Like myself, I always have to try and skim through the chapters of the book. Not a good recommendation to do. Timing is everything. For me, I can't read a book unless I am really in the mindframe and time period to receive the reading. Otherwise, I skim through it and end up putting the book down. Sometimes, you just have to marinate in your season of purpose and some seasons suck! I'm in a season of waiting. How hard it is to wait.
Once you begin the road of purpose, know what your limits(talents) are because you can't do it all. Then allow God to use your gifts, if you seek after God (he will show you your gifts). You need God to navigate you to purpose and when you open up to him, WATCH OUT! You will then begin an Effective, powerful, annointed ministry! I hope this will help anyone searching purpose. Its a beginning to find out more.

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