Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Super Bowl XLII

My early pick to win Super Bowl XLII should be know surprise to all of you folks out there. I thought I'd make it interesting, by being more specific. Super Bowl XLII will be played between the Dallas Cowboys & the San Diego Chargers. History will be made again, because this will be the first time that two first year coaches will make the Super Bowl. The Dallas Cowboys will secure their 6th Championship with a nail biting, hard fought, come-from-behind victory. The final score will be 21- 17. After just celebrating the first Black Head Coach to win it all; we will then be celebrating the 1st First year coach to win it all, Wade Phillips. I also expect either T.O. or Tony Romo to set a Super Bowl record. That's just my opinion though, and who the hell am I?

1 comment:

Osmianski said...

With the starting QB of Tony Romo, never being able to live down the personal deafting lose against Seatle, the Dallas Cowboys will never win a Super Bowl let alone a playoff game. Please prepare your self for a 4-12 season. Sorry to be the one to have to break the news to you. GO RAVENS!!!!

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